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  1. Hello. I'm in college and still living at home. So for as long as I can remember I've always enjoyed being nude. I would go out to parks and trails and secretly go on walks whenever I could find the spot and the chance. I would spend time in my room naked after my nightly showers.

    Recently I began thinking how great it would be if I'd didn't have to hide in my room just to be naked. After some much thinking I decided that I'd come forward to my family about my lifestyle. I could've slowly began introducing them and dripping hints, but the anticipation was too much. I decided to be straight forward instead. One morning I woke up before everyone else and started getting breakfast ready. The look on their faces when they walked into the kitchen at the sight me cooking breakfast naked.

    We had a chat that morning about what I was doing and what I wanted to do. Surprisingly they weren't against it, but weren't excited about it either. I haven't worn clothes at home since. They've shown no interest in joining, but I'm fine with that. :) I thought I'd share my story with the nudist community. I'm curious if there are other families like or if it's just me
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  2. Sherry1133

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    Good for you, I'm glad you are living nude at home. I probably would have started with a conversation first, but I can sometimes be a more timid person. I applaud your boldness :)
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  3. Thank you! It was not an easy thing to do, but I thought it would be a more interesting way to get the message and to show how serious I was about it
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  4. So how did you first get into nudism? :)
  5. Sherry1133

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    We started as a family about 5 years ago. The kids were really young so was a very easy transition for them. We started just at home but over the years now have gone to nudist beaches and nudist resorts. It's a wonderful beautiful lifestyle.
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  6. Wow that's great that as parents you decided to raise them with such an openness to nudity. I wish I had started earlier had I of been braver
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  7. Augres

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    I am the only nudist in my house so whenever I am alone in the house ,garage, or at our cabin I am nude
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  8. Daretobare

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    My wife and I are both nudists but she is more comfortable dressed at home and I'm always nude. She is cool with it but I'd like to see more of her as a home nudist. She is ok at the nude beach and resort. She's afraid of company stopping by at home.
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  9. Augres

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    I only wish I had others I could share my love of goin nude with
  10. bill697cu

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    That is nice that you can be nude at home more often.
  11. angel_wings

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    Way back when when I was like 16 and just getting into nudism my mum caught me naked at home. I wouldn't have dared bring it up otherwise but she was really cool about it and said as long as my sister didn't mind, she didn't care if I wanted to walk around naked.
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  12. Panama Jack

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    We are home nudist and live a private and secluded life.Retired. We enjoy our nudity.
    However, our friends are all prudes. We have no one to share social nudity with. We are looking into doing a clothing optional cruise next year. Specifically for our age group. Small ship, small group. Cultural.
  13. I'm fairly discerning when it comes to who sees me naked. My parents for example would be right out. In that way I think I'm actually a little bit ageist. I guess I'm more comfortable with people my own age.

    That said, I'm not a nudist at all. I just thought it would be interesting to post here.
  14. Augres

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    I am usually nude in the morning eating my breakfast..some times I go out side to put stuff in the recycle bin no one here at home would understand
  15. CountryWoody

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    Good for you. I’m a 66 year old grandfather and although I’ve enjoyed going nude most of my life my situations was that I couldn’t. Growing up in the south being naked was a sin so it wasn’t till I married that I’d be free or so I thought my wife at the time forbid it then kids and the service one thing then another anyway been going nude for the past 15 years and love every minute of it. Glad you stepped up in time to enjoy it
  16. RT19

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    I'd say great for you and wow very brave. Hope you can keep the nude lifestyle.

    I'm too the o ly nudist in my home and well my family aren't as accepting as yours and so I'm often confined to private spaces. Until I move that is.

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