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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by LotusBud, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. LotusBud

    LotusBud Member

    So, me and my friend just took two hits of acid, on tabs, a couple minutes ago.

    We we're just standing around joking and laughing when all of a sudden, Justin got a very serious look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he accidentally swallowed the two tabs of acid...I told him he would still get high, he's fine, but just to make sure I thought i'd ask you guys!

    What will happen? Probably nothing right?
  2. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    lol your fine. just means that it might take a little longer for him to comeup. don't worry.
  3. LotusBud

    LotusBud Member

    haha! alright i'll let him know! What a way to start a friday :)

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    It really makes no difference, at least in my experience.
    Then again I always just swallow them, and I've started tripping in under 10 minutes before, so...
    Have fun!
  5. LotusBud

    LotusBud Member

    haha! you swallow them on purpose?!

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Yea, it really makes no difference. Maybe holding them on your tongue will assist in kicking in by a few minutes, but either way there is no turning back once its in your mouth lol. And especially once you swallow.
    Seriously though, I dont remember ever holding them on my tongue for any longer than maybe 30 seconds, and its always started fast.
  7. LotusBud

    LotusBud Member

    Well said lol!!

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Thank you! haha.
    I love when you get that feeling. I felt once after eating mushrooms (I was drunk from cognac lol and it was a Wed. night) like "oh man, shit why did I eat them today?! I have work in a few hours!" and then as a car drove past me down my block, I felt my soul stretch out and follow the trail of sound. And I knew, in that moment, that I was going to be fogged up. Awesome memory :D
    Then when I walked back inside, my friend was playing Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin on his piano, and the whole city seemed to get menacingly playful and confusing
  9. A-Bear's-Vagina

    A-Bear's-Vagina 2 Kings Chapter 2 23-24

    Spontaneous consumption of psychedelics had lead to some of the strangest experiences in my life. That being said, It has also fucked me a few times.
  10. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    haha wat a tru statement! :cheers2:
  11. y Epitaph x

    y Epitaph x Member

    lol one time when i was doing k, acid and mdma i just like
    had to trip with this scizophrenic

    it was so fucked up, man. like, being with her. she probably ended up seeping in to me.
    i was like
    for a while


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