One With The Herd - A Spiritual Journey by Liz Mitten Ryan

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    ~After reading this book, your outlook on animals and life will not be the same. I read this book and was changed. It is not just for those who love horses, but for anyone who is willing to enter the world of "Equinisity." We are working with animal charities around the world such as Hugs For Homeless Animals and The Thoroughbred Charities Of America 47% of each book sold, will go towards helping animals in need!

    Excerpt from the Introduction of OWTH:

    'One with the Herd ' is a book about my adventures in 'HORSE'. It is a revelation and a record of my discovery and spiritual evolution; secluded from the chatter of society, in the company of my horses, dogs and cats. Nestled in the hills in a solar house, without radio, television and by my choice newspapers, I have ample time to commune with my animals and the surrounding nature. I have time to be in their midst and to listen, to meditate, and to absorb the energy of my happy herd. I don't attempt to dominate or even to structure their comings and goings, but rather just enjoy their presence, and cultivate their wisdom.

    It has been almost six years now, and like venturing in a foreign culture; I have, by way of osmosis, begun to appreciate the customs and communicate; to both understand and to be understood. I now send and receive messages in visual concepts and am beginning to know a whole new reality through the eyes of my herd.

    Riding is, more often than not, an adventure and an exploration that we both enjoy.

    As in all relationships, time together is an opportunity to improve our communication and solidify our bonds of trust. We are above all, equals.

    I have always recognized an irrepressible calling to commune with horses, but for years it was buried beneath the more pressing issues of profession, marriage, and motherhood. When I finally heeded the ever-present call, a seeming indulgence proved to be the vehicle that would carry me to the crystallization of my life's path.

    This book is bound by the threads of poetry, art and various entries from my journal, each a cornerstone in my place of worship, and offerings from the shining spirit of wisdom, truth, joy, freedom, abundance and love that is the essence of us all.

    At the beginning of each chapter you will find entries from my journal, prose or poems written across the two page photographs or original paintings. I started the journal about a year before we moved to our ranch, so it spans approximately six years of self-exploration and expression. I have placed the entries in a time line as they happened in connection with chapters in the book. The art is as well, in order as it developed from immersion in my new environment.

    As I moved further into my horse immersion and understanding, I found that as my level of involvement and excitement with the developing book grew, the horses interest and excitement grew as well. They knew what was unfolding, not from anything I told them but from the pictures and concepts we shared in our minds. I would walk out to tell Prima about an idea that was developing, and before I could get the words out, I could see she was already there. It was like she was envisioning and co-creating with me; our minds were joined; our ideas together, part of a larger vision.


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    Hope you like it!


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