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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Gray passenger, May 25, 2013.

  1. I checked out some of the introductions, and I have a feeling mine is gonna stand out as the lamest. To be honest, I don't know how to introduce myself, because I'm still discovering who I am (now I bet all of you are thinking "isn't everyone?"). I could write fancy quotes, and share all the dirty secrets (that will follow, don't worry :D)....but I discovered this forum yesterday, clicked "Register" 5 minutes ago, and am waiting for a friend right now, so I'm making this quick. :sultan:

    I am a newbie here, don't know any categories, and am probably posting weird. But I promise I will bring fresh grammar mistakes and stupid ideas, so you will all be delighted to have met me, on this lovely, rainy day.

    Hey :love:
  2. ScrubPuppy

    ScrubPuppy Member

    Far out! There seems to be a new member every day. Wonderful.
  3. BeachBall

    BeachBall Nosey old moo

    You're gonna have to try MUCH harder than that, Gray, if you want to produce the lamest introduction. That was pretty good!

    Welcome to the site.
  4. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    Welcome to the site!!
  5. Ha, thanks guys :)
  6. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome to the forums:cheers2: enjoy:)

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