One time I found a dead horse in the river

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Just_us, May 17, 2004.

  1. Just_us

    Just_us Member

    So i usually go to this place to take pictures of wild horses. It happens to be right on the rim of one of the surrounding military bases testing ground. a while back i found a dead horse in the river. it wasnt floating it was in the shallows where a wash entered. i checked it out and there was no wounds and it was a young horse. i thought it might be from colic or some other horse injury but recently new signs have been posted makeing it suspicious.

    its pretty fucked up that they can destroy the land like that. horses ,burros, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and a number of other animals inhabit that land. not to mention those signs are posted less than a mile from the colorado river that supplies water for all of the crops growing in the colorado river valley , not to mention Los angeles water supply.

    these signs line the property for miles

    new signs


    other pics.
  2. Just_us

    Just_us Member

    everyday i get new views... any replies?

    TARABELLE on the road less traveled

    Your horse pictures are beautiful. And your post is disturbing.
  4. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    Don't you just wanna give america a big ol' hug?
  5. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    mebbe they should put a fence up?
  6. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    that's horrible.
  7. Just_us

    Just_us Member

    they should but i doubt they will and if they did it would be taking away most of the land for the animals.
  8. 7river

    7river on a distinguished path

    seems like your best bet for action would be los angeles news papers and environmental groups...get a presentation together first. good luck and thanks for shareing the concern. the horses are beautiful.:)
    did you contact the seirra club?
  9. loveflower

    loveflower Senior Member

    l.a? well l.a. is good because its big but you should bring it up in yuma (in az)

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