One quad = One Crazy Night

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Pollak_Lost_In_Smoke, May 28, 2006.

  1. I've been trying to pick up some weed for the past two days, and the guy that I was waiting on didn't come through. So last night I went to my frat brothers house and we spent probably 2 hours just calling people to try and find some stuff. Finally, we found someone who had a gram to sell. So we end up driving somewhere around 25-30 minutes to get to the guys house. (There was a total of 6 or 7 of us). Luckily we ended up picking up an 1/8 from the guy and went back to my buddies house. We all sat around a bonfire and ended up killing the eigth with my like 4 joints and a couple of bowls being passed around. We then got a call from my buddy that he had another 1/8 to sell so he stopped by and we smoked him up. By the time we left by buds house we had like half of that left. My friends ended up driving me to a party where I killed the rest of my weed with a two joints.

    Needless to say I was really really fucked up last night. I ended up hookin up with some girl from work (first time i've ever hooked up with someone when im stoned). So we woke up this morning my friend brought out the rest of his weed so I rolled another j and ended up smoking most of it by myself. We went to baskin robbins and got some oreo milkshakes. Now I'm at home commin down and watchin boondock saints.

    All and all a good day.
  2. pdga24861

    pdga24861 Member

    sounds like one hell of a night

    good times
  3. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    boondock saints is the shit.

    sounds good dude, its nice to score when youve been trying for forever.
  4. I haven't been tryin forever I just never really had the opportunity to hook up when stoned. Now that I look back at it it was a lot like the movie Waiting cuz I work at Buffalo Wild Wings and everybody at the second party was from work. Everybody was also fucked up.

    And Boondock Saints is the shit.
  5. CaptDaveIrish

    CaptDaveIrish Member

    Boondock saints....I love it.

    "He told me to give you his c....his he fuckin gave me this, FUCK!! ASS!"
  6. I wouldn't hook up with some bitch after I had my lips on pipes,joints that a bunch of other fools were hitting.Did she smoke?

    I don't know about you,but my mouth feels nasty after I blaze with other people.
  7. enjoibaked

    enjoibaked Member

    After I smoke then kiss a chick I feel sticky.
    Like the cotton mouth is worse.
    Then after a while her spit refreshes my mouth.
    And the only thing I can do is kiss her or mumble "Can you taste it."
    Fucking Bud Bunnies.
    Any way POLLAK LOST IN SMOKE, that sounds like a kick ass time
  8. AcousticPeace

    AcousticPeace Member

  9. smokindude

    smokindude Senior Member

    Boondock Saints is joke my favorite movie of all time. "ill have a coke then" hahahahaha

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