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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by FREE, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. FREE

    FREE Member

    so like tommorow im off to do the stupid military in the gulf thing and im writing this for the true cool people who say they support the troops no matter what their beleifs on this nonsence war is man,i`d just like to put out that if you wanna help our sailors and soilders out man,ya know ,keep em sane...write to us man,theres nothing we thrive on more then words from civilization and the true america can help the dudes on the uss kennedy that are goin to the gulf now man,i can relate the message to these guys at

    thants for the word man and beleive it or not,were all against bush too.....
  2. mimosa

    mimosa Banned

    Hey, I wish you the very best and hope you can post again from time to time to let us know how you're doing. Let's hope that SOON all the troops can come home and be out of harm's way. Again, wishing you the best always. :)
  3. GoodKarma

    GoodKarma Member

    Free...I wish you well and godspeed back home. You are matter what our beliefs are towards the war itself...we support you as soldiers. My dad was in the military and went to Viet Nam when I was in the 5th grade. I know how hard that was on him and my family. I grew up in a military town and my older daughter has several good friends in Irag now. Keep in touch and we will too.
  4. m6m

    m6m Member

    Go Free!

    USS Kennedy?!

    Is that big bad 'bird farm' still floating. Must be a hell of an old rust bucket by now!

    Back in the early '70s, I used to look out from the fan-tail of my little destroyer at what was then the new USS Kennedy.

    Yep, we'd sit there passing the good Thai herb thinking how lucky we were to be on a little boat with a small stoner crew.

    Nothing like standing on the fo'csle on a stary night rising full tilt up the mountainous swells of the North Atlantic, only to fall head long into the deep dark trough with a mountain of water passing right by your face.

    Racing side by side with another destroyer like two hungry greyhounds with bones in our teeth, my buddy plays them Jimmy Hendrix 'National Anthem' on
    the lound speakers, and they answer back with the Beach Boys 'Good Vibrations'. Rock and Roll across the high seas.
  5. FREE

    FREE Member

    hehehe rock and roll man, think something as little as that would cheer your stay man,that is pretty hard core man,music on the sea,theres nothing more consoling then that godds,its that pitifull man
    fuck i hate the navy
  6. Stay free, FREE. I love your attitude. Your truth, will set you free in the midst of all this chaos. I will keep the link you posted and write to you and your pals. Please stay safe over there and know that we are behind you. Maybe not behind the reasoning of the war, but supporting you as an individual. Can you see me....I'm giving you the peace sign.....
  7. earthy44

    earthy44 Member

    FREE, i wish you safety, health, and a quick end to this ridiculous war. My husband is also in the military and I am scared to death. (getting OUT as soon as his time is up) Neither of us agree with this war for oil and political control but I support the troops by working for peace and understanding to you all can come home safely to your families. God Bless and you are in all of our prayers. Come home soon!
  8. m6m

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    your on a 'bird farm' so you got 'jar heads' on board right?

    We 'old salts' love our 'jar heads', but ya know what's real fun?
    You know how tense they keep them poor kids.
    Well take some poor 'jar head' and get him totally stoned before he goes on watch.
    Then sit back and wait for some 'scrambled eggs' to come by and ask our stoned 'jar head' a question.
    9 'll get you 10 that our 'jar head' 'll start fallen apart right in front of the old 'scrambles eggs'.

    Hey, if I was stuck on a 'bird farm' cruise I'd be looking for any fun I could find.
    But yeh, FTN Free, FTN!
  9. FREE

    FREE Member

    its pretty seldom that i see marines on the carrier man,this is gonna be my second wartime cruise and its mostlly been the same old people doing the same old shit man,if i could smoke weed on there and get away with it man i would,but its more like just work,eat,lift,sleep sure you know how it is and for the peeps that dont its pretty much livin the same day over and over and over again,the social thing to do on the boat is smoke cigarettes and eat on the mess decks which is like a big highschool cafateira(sp?).

    ftn!!!! ftn!!! fuck the navy!!!! Never Again Volunteer Yourself

    i totally agree with that man,good thing i only got two month and two weeks left in this bastard military thing man.

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