One Love: Gathering of the Peacemakers, Santa Cruz

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    Robert Roskind is holding this event (the author of "The Beauty Path). I may try to get down there for this.


    The Gathering of the Peacemakers

    There will be a very unique event on Labor Day Monday in Santa
    Cruz, California. The free event will be a combination of musical
    performances and speeches by people known in the Bay Area for their
    message of love and forgiveness (see below). Also included are
    addresses from two Native American peacemakers - Supai Waters from the
    Havasupai tribe in the Grand Canyon and Karen Abieta, the reggae disc
    jockey at KUYI, the NPR station on the Hopi reservation.

    San Lorenzo Park

    The Gathering of the Peacemakers will be from 3-8PM on Labor Day
    Monday, September 4, in San Lorenzo Park in downtown Santa Cruz.
    Admission is free. No dogs (except guide dogs), alcohol or illegal
    drugs are allowed. Their will be an after party/reasoning at Kuumbwa
    Jazz Club in downtown Santa Cruz following the event from
    8:30-11:30PM. It will be a benefit for the Hopi and Havasupai youths
    with a nominal admission.

    You may want to make it a conscious weekend! The Monterey Bay
    Reggae Festival is nearby and the three days before our event (Friday,
    Saturday & Sunday) featuring many conscious artists including Abijah,
    Warrior King, Bambu Station, Batch, Gregory Issacs, Everton Blender,
    etc. For more info, click below!

    Monterey Bay Reggae Festival

    Featuring many Bay Area Conscious Speakers & Performing Artists

    Performers at our event will include conscious recording artists
    Soul Majestic, Dubwize, Root Awakening, Tchiya Amet, Soul Medic,
    Native Elements, Prince Rastan, Jimi Bridges, Valerie Joi and Love
    Eternal. Emcees include well-known reggae DJs Rocky Allan Bailey and
    Tony Moses.

    Speakers will include, among others, Nichola Torbett of TIKKUN in
    Berkeley, a community of people from many faiths and traditions with a
    vision of healing and transforming our world, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
    of Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz, an Omnifaith outreach
    ministry dedicated to spiritual transformation, Nikki Anderson,
    founder of MOVE, which provides training and exposure to the arts to
    youths in the Santa Cruz area, and Pam Pam Gaddies, reggae DJ at KPOO
    and founder of San Francisco Peacemakers - Operation Save A Life, an
    organization that promotes peace on the frontline of communities in
    crisis. All speakers and performers donate their time and talent for

    Healing Our Piece of the Planet

    Basically, we are attempting the first healing of an entire city
    through individual acts of unconditional love and forgiveness. We
    believe that if the peacemakers - those people teaching love in the
    community - can gather together and revitalize each other and
    encourage others to join them as peacemakers, it can have a positive
    effect on the entire community manifesting in lower crime, drug abuse,
    domestic abuse, etc.

    We encourage each person, no matter what was done to them in the past
    or what they have done in the past, to heal their small piece of the
    planet by simply loving and forgiving each day as much as they can. We
    cannot correct every problem, nor is our Creator asking us to. We are
    just asked to walk our path with love. No matter what happens
    city-wide, a healing is guaranteed for each individual who accepts
    this invitation to be a peacemaker.

    At the event, we will be giving out a handout called the Path of
    the Peacemakers. Based on the establishment of the first democracy,
    the Iroquois Confederacy, it is a a true epic that reveals everything
    we will encounter on our own individual paths as peacemakers. To read
    this one page handout, click below.

    Click here for The Path of the Peacemakers handout

    The End to War

    Throughout history, all major societal corrections to unconscious
    human behavior were initiated by small groups of people who, for the
    most part, had little or no financial, political or social station.
    These include movements involving abolition of slavery, establishment
    of democracy, women's rights, civil rights, environmental,
    anti-apartheid, and the relinquishment of colonial oppression. In the
    beginning, a small group held the vision, shared it with many others
    until a critical mass - a tipping point - was reached in consciousness
    that this painful behavior could end, even though it may have existed
    throughout human history. Only then did the leadership embrace the
    correction and laws were passed to correct the problem.

    So it will be with the end of war. First, small groups of people
    will vision the possibility of no more war. They will spread that to
    the masses and the people will demand that their leaders follow.

    As noted anthropologist Margaret Meade notes: "Never doubt that a
    small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
    indeed it's the only thing that ever has."


    Everyone is a peacemaker. Join us on the Path. Bring healing to the
    piece of the planet you have been assigned by asking the Creator, "Who
    are you sending me today to love and forgive?" You have been perfectly
    prepared to do your part to advance human consciousness towards the
    "tipping point of peace."

    One Love,
    Alicia, Julia & Robert Roskind

    Authors of The Beauty Path, Rasta Heart, The Gathering of the Healers,
    Memoirs of an Ex-Hippie, In the Spirit of Business and In the Spirit
    of Marriage.

    Click Here for our books & Website
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    I will be discussing the original "Peacemaker" soon in the COOL forums. This will be a fantastic event, well worth it if you can attend!
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    Looking foreward to it!!!

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    looks like a wonderful event,i went to the websight and in one of the photos i think i seen the kama kosmic crusader from venice beach on the stage singing which wouldnt surprise me if he was there,,,
    i love these words: As noted anthropologist Margaret Meade notes: "Never doubt that a
    small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
    indeed it's the only thing that ever has."
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    Santa of the hippest surf towns on earth
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