One for the over 60s - How Often do you Masturbate?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by cragsdick, May 20, 2013.

  1. cragsdick

    cragsdick Member

    I am a 65 year old male. I have been masterbating since I was 12 and I doubt that I have ever missed a day since. I currently masterbate at least twice a day, quite often three times and occasionally four. I suppose that I average 18-21 times a week. How about you?
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  2. woodmaster

    woodmaster Guest

    If you mean ejaculate, I cant match that, but I edge at least 3 hours a day in two sessions, and allow ejaculation about once every day or two. I use all the aids, testosterone gel, cialis, and porn in different forms to keep it up.
  3. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    Dang, "cragsdick," you're my hero and what we on the other side of the pond call, a Real Jerk Off, said with affection. Would like to follow you around for a few days and see your style.
    No way I can match that either. I do "play with myself" frequently, just like a five year old.
    Loving those 'semis.' Plus, I leak like a teenager, can be soft and when I get a sexual thought, I can feel it coming through my shaft.
    I have a buddy who comes over, usually on Friday or Saturday evening. The finale is me kneeling next to the sofa and Jerking Off, shooting on the glass top coffee table. My bud, 20 years younger, is always impressed at how much and how far I shoot.
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  4. edgewalkernow

    edgewalkernow Member

    I masturbate at least once a day, usually more. Often I trade erotic pictures online while I do so. It's a hobby!
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  5. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    Maybe this should be a separate blog, but I'm wondering if you guys are mastur.....oh hell, Jerking Off (let's get real) with a full boner, semi or soft. Maybe using Vit V or C from the pharmacy.
  6. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    Well..... it was Truman Capote , who was puzzled by the fact that sexual interest does not wane with age.....he expected to loose interest and desire but it did not happen.

    When i was young i read , "Think and grow Rich" Dale Carnegie.
    He talks about sexual desire being a bad distraction to getting rich, at 60 i am only a little closer to getting it under control.
    I don't have it as an all consuming thing but it occupies my thoughts more than people would realise.
  7. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    I'm smokin'. At 64, I just left a 24 year old (compliments of CL), we both enjoyed every minute.
  8. bukkakeguy

    bukkakeguy Member

    wha da faaa
  9. cragsdick

    cragsdick Member

    What is that in English?
  10. dastud

    dastud Member

    73 here and jerk my cock every couple of days.
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  11. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Try - often worked well for me.
  12. Herm998

    Herm998 Guest

    65. Jerk 2-3 times a week. Always wankng in some satin women's garment, like a waist slip or nightie. Often pay for a web whore at the same time, e.g. at livejasmin.
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  13. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    Truman Capote remarks that he felt surprised that sexual interest never waned!

    I read "Think smart and get rich" Dale Carnegie, years back.
    He said when you don't feel sexual need you can make money and much more.......
    Still waitin!
  14. FLIPY

    FLIPY Member

    I find the more I wank the better life is! don't stop or it will forget what its there for!
  15. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

  16. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member is certainly international, as despite my profile clearly stating that I'm only interested in local contacts, I stll keep getting approached by members from around the world, which I totally ignore, especially seeing as on the free membership you're only limited to 2 messages (outward) in any 24 hour period.
  17. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    Cool, Mike. Now, what are you gonna do with it? <EG>
  18. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    I am in good shape for 60 but miss terribly a younger body and attitude.
  19. polske

    polske Member

    I'm 64 and I edge for several hours just about every day !!!
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  20. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hard to type an answer with one hand.
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