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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Small_Brown, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Okay last night I had a dream, and as soon as I got up I wrote down everything. Here goes:

    Me and 2 friends arrive at a beach. They are 2 friends that I have not talked to or have seen in a while. We arrive on the beach, instantly they jump in the water, but I am hesitant and do not. I continue to walk around the beach and see someone i recognize. It is Sylvester Stallone. I run up to him and say "Mr. Stallone, I'm a huge fan of yours." We walk and talk for a while about his movies. I run back to my friends excited about meeting such a star. I say "You'll never guess who I just met!" Instantly they respond at the same time and say Sylvester Stallone and laugh. I wonder how they could have known. I walk up to the edge of the water, look at it but do not go in, yet again. I am very nervous at the sight of the water, and begin to shake and feel very afraid of entering it. Then I wake up.

    What could this mean? Or is it just a random series of events? Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
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    Hi Small_Brown, now here is a suggestion for you.

    Imagine you are all parts of the dream. It does not matter if it is a random dream or not. What matters is your question what it is about, and feeling there is an impulse and feedback in it that you have been seeking for even as you remember, and deeper inside know it does make sense.

    The friends ask you to trust into life experience. The movie star is about your own power to create and the fragility of illusion at the same time and all the contradictions, and effort in between. The joy and excitement help you to find your own wonder and it is love that takes you further. The hesitation is about the need to balance the edges of life, dreams and creations of your own. The water is the fabric of what the greater dream and reality is made of, like a breath of eternity reaching out to hold and feed you and take care, and from beyond you hear it call to you and it is like you remember something greater, and like you already know. And all the big and small waves of experience that take you high and low now they just wash you ashore to your own becoming again and again, with the same grace that your own being resounds with from the core.

    So you are asked to trust into your own self and sense you make, and into the joy of the experience, to find there are no real limits.

    Loved to read it, thank you for sharing.

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