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    tonight as I was cycling home from downtown, after a thoroughly unenjoyable night of far too loud music at the slice and pretentious musicians (hard rock, in this specific case; or rather what I might consider hard rock, though these things are relative) telling me to get a life, before knowing nothing of me (especially that I am fully aware of the fact that it is impossible to get a life in the first place, when it can so quickly and easily be taken away without any warning, and will inevitably be done regardless; and it is never your possession, merely a borrowed dime quickly spent).

    Anyways, I was cycling home.

    I met an old man, on 13st south, outside of ST mikes hospital. As I rode by, at midnight plus thirty minutes, I noticed this fellow pushing forth determinedly up upon his walker, and, naturally, walking against two lanes of traffic in the middle of the street (though at this hour, not much traffic). I decided that this old pruney man had escaped from the insane asylum, and was making his getaway. I turned around, in order to lend a word, or rather receive one if I was so worthy.

    What an interesting old fool!
    With far better things to say than that which I could possibly produce even by way of a fictional account!

    I cannot here share his secrets, though I can tell you that you would be at the least jealous to know of the secrets we have shared; he his walker and I and this two-wheeled contraption of mine.
    We spoke of many a thing- yes we did indeed.
    And never will I see him again!
    good night

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