Old love vs. New love

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by GypsyHolly83, Feb 2, 2021.

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    My best friend that I have known since elementary school confided in me about something that I view as heavy, but I really don't know what more to say to her..

    She's with a great guy who I have met many times. They've been together for 4-5 years I would say.. she told me that a man she used to be in love with his has been texting her, and that has led to some intense sexting and she is an emotional rollercoaster because of it.. I advised her to try cutting him off again cold turkey but she isn't sure she wants to.. I obviously love my best friend but I would hate to see her guy get hurt.. I know how her love with the former love was and she was so head over heels for the guy, so I'm just scared for her, that's she's going to throw away a good relationship with a good guy for what might end up being a casual fling..

    I might be wrong, but I really don't know what to tell her.. I know the heart wants what the heart wants and I'm not at all judging but I am her listening ear without much left to tell her.. I guess my question is, am I telling her the right thing by telling her to let the old love go? I feel for everyone involved..
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    Don’t get involved. Let her make her own mistakes. Be there for her if she needs a friend. Maybe you might become more than a friend!
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    Seems like she's unhappy or unsatisfied in her current relationship. The right thing to do would be for her to have a talk with her boyfriend, be honest, minimize the pain and hurt in the long run.
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    Its is going to be difficult for you darling . All you can do is to encourage one over the other . Keeping both guys going will end up in tears and disaster. The most likely outcome is that she will lose both. At end of the day it will be her decision and not yours .But she can only have one . The longer she keeps stringing both along the more likely one will find out about the other .
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    Yeah, but that doesn't mean that the head is cut off.

    Does your friend see that continued contact with Old Love threatens her relationship with New?

    One thing I'm seeing is that this will show what her relationship IS with the new guy. Continued chatting with the Old Guy, might prevent the new relationship from developing into the might-be-in-the-future (i.e. fantasy) relationship that would be good to see.
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