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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by DancerAnnie, May 13, 2007.

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    I think it's a pretty strange feeling to run into old friends that you haven't seen or talked to for awhile.

    Last night, I went out with a girl I went to high school with that I haven't seen in a couple of years. We went to this bar in the little town that I live in and ran into some people I havent seen since graduating from high school. All of these people live in the same town as me, but I sort of live out in the middle of nowhere and never go into town except to work and maybe to the store every once in awhile.

    Anyway, I swear we picked up right where we left off in high school...talking about stupid shit, laughing about absolutely nothing, and exchanging "do you remember when..." stories. It was great...but today I look back and think, wow, these people haven't done a damn thing in their lives, but maybe have a kid or two and destroy their livers. Most of them have hardly been out of Michigan, or travelled at all. I almost feel sorry for them

    So, basically, I have really mixed feelings about seeing or hanging out with old friends.
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    I do not have that problem, since I never had any friends.
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    I don't really like hanging out with old friends, if that makes any sense. I get so stoked when I get the opportunity, but I'm usually slammed hard with disappointment, seeing as everyone, myself included, has changed so much that it can never be the same. However, when I'm reunited with a friend and get to spend a good amount of time with them (more than one day usually), then things can sometimes build to a new, improved friendship.

    But I also am pretty miserable in the whole path my life has taken me since graduation, so I really don't want to hear how great someone else is doing, getting all the chances I'm struggling to even get close to. The friends I've remained closest to aren't the ones who went to college, they're the ones who are stuck here, trying to make a living and hoping to save enough change to get out of here one day. It just seems that everyone else I used to hang out with is too stuck up with the fact they got out and are going to college.

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