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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Shiningstar, May 14, 2004.

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    Hello, how are you.. I know you won't recognize my name because before the format change I was Azual.. As soon as I saw the opportunity to reregister I used Shiningstar..

    I hope all is well and you are having a wonderful Spring.. Enjoying the sights, sounds and feelings of yet another season of rebirth :)

    I wanted to ask you a question.. Maybe you will get a feeling as to the outcome.

    I just accepted today a new position (job) within the Same Organization. It is a promotion for me... I'm a little hesitant about the change but excited too.. A feeling like presenting in front of an audience..

    I wonder if maybe you have thoughts on this opportunity for me?

    Love Laughter and Light to you
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    ...the best you can be and then smile at what this time will teach you.

    Hi Shinning Star

    You will make or break the experience by how you see yourself in it. Be true to youself. Honor the moment and embrace the challange. Then what ever comes of it you will see your own wholeness with a beauty that raidates confidance and joy.

    Be your change and change will ask you to seize the moment with truth and courage.

    I think you will be great but the greater question is how do you see yourself.

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