Old Argentina man

Discussion in 'Art' started by crystalstarr, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. found him on a travel guide. i like him:)

    i think im slowly getting better
  2. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    Um... I don't mean to be critical crystal but he looks more Paraquayian to me.
  3. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    wow, thats amazing
    very beautiful
  4. haha yeah you may be right nay

    thanks Alex!
  5. weep

    weep Senior Member

    That´s freaking amazing!!! I love it!!! :D
    The face turned out really great!!!
    (the hat is a bit weird though)
  6. yeah the hat is odd lol...
  7. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    maybe as the picture was taken his hat was flying off, ya never know!

    very good drawing by the way.
  8. thanks lol
  9. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    he looks like a proper gaucho...nice work.
  10. Naren

    Naren Member

    Awesome...I love the details of his face and clothes!
  11. the 5 oclock shadow and wrinkle lines are a dead giveaway to his oldness
  12. hehe yeah he is old. i guess it's way to obvious..heres a more clear picture i took the other day

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