Ok, so, those of you who DO go naked

Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by Sammy, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Sammy

    Sammy Member

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    Where? When? With who? Why?

    Why? For me, I go naked because it feels nice. I don't feel the need to be naked all the time - I like and am comfortable in clothes, but it's an option I like to excercise sometimes. I don't see any moral reason not to - it's not arousing, there are arguments both ways even in Christianity, and people who aren't religious are free to make their own minds up about moral matters.

    When? Well, I would always swim naked, given the option, and I'd always go naked on the beach. (in practise, I only go naked on nude beaches, or if I'm fairly sure it won't cause offence) When it's hot, it can be nice to be naked when I work, or in the garden. I work from home, so in the summer, I sometimes don't put anything on all day.

    When? Summertime, mostly!

    With who? Anyone really. I'm not in the business of convincing everyone else to go naked, and I'm quite happy to be the only one. Most of my friends are perfectly comfortable with me being naked, but for those who aren't, I'll stay dressed if they are around, if that's what they want. My friends are more important than taking my clothes off. My girlfriend is happy naked as well, although not so much around lots of other people who are clothed. She'll come to the nude beach and go naked, or around the house and garden, but if there are ten other people over who are all wearing swimsuits, so will she. My garden only has a low fence to my neighbours, but I talked to them, and they said it was no big deal to them, so that's cool.
  2. kayy

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    That's so cool! I wish I could have that confidence
    I go naked in my appartment, when ever I have to clean it / wash the dishes... I live in Sweden, it's rather cold...
  3. NudistMike07

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    If I didnt think id get thrown out or arrested out in public then id go nude just about anywhere.
  4. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

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    Where? Just about anywhere that I wouldn't receive flack from it. Like, my house, or a lake or summat with very few people around... I'm not embarassed, just don't want somebody to explain to me how they are offended by it.

    When? Whenever I feel like it/when there's a good opportunity. Nothing beats the feeling of swimming naked... your body just moving through the water, unhindered; just gives you a feeling of tranquality. I don't know if my parents would approve, so I tend to avoid it when they are around.

    With who? Anybody else who is willing. I've swam naked with my best friend in a Holiday Inn pool; my girlfriend (at that time) was being stubborn and acting as though she were abashed (probably with good reason; I don't feel that she really understood my counterculture views).

    Why? Just because. Sometimes it feels nice, other times it feels energizing, but it always feels right to me. I'd go naked year round if it was socially accepted... and if I didn't live in Colorado...
  5. jen12151989

    jen12151989 Banned

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    I live in a nudist camp.
  6. Silverrose

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    About the only time that I can is when my parents are not home.
    Why, because I like not wearing clothes, it just feels more natural
    With who? Usualy just me, I have some friends that I guess wouldnt mind, but the only time that we are ever undressed is if we are changing for the pool or someting.
  7. angel_wings

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    Where? At home, in the back yard and if I can find one, the nude beach.

    When? Whenever I feel like it, unless there's no way it's gonna happen (like if there's a family get-together or a party or something).

    With whom? My sister is also a nudist, and my mom is casual about nudity, so I'm not the only one hanging out in the buff. I prefer doing it alone or at most with family and a few very close friends - the whole world doesn't need to see me naked yet, but if I feel safe and comfortable with people then I'll be naked if I want to

    Why? Cuz I like it. I'm more comfortable out of my clothes, I like the feeling of freedom. I like the freedom of being able to choose what I wear and being able to choose to wear nothing at all if I want. It feels more natural, especially outside in summer. And I think naked is honest, it's the real me, every barrier stripped away, just me being myself. That's a great way to connect with people I care about, to me.
  8. beachbum7

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    Where? Usually my house, still unfortunately, I don't go out much.

    When? I usually sleep naked

    With whom? Usually myself

    Why.... why not?

  9. Gk_Seaman

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    Where? At home, on the beach

    When? Summertime (beach), whenever possible (indoors)

    With who? Alone, SO, friends

    Why? Freedom, comfort, love of nature
  10. nldn

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    I go naked on the beach, or in a sauna, or when swimming, when it's OK to do so. I find it more comfortable to do so. Usually it's where other people are doing so as well, sometimes people I've know for a while, though I've only met them through this connection. Someone called people they've met at one place 'sauna friends'.
  11. Au Naturel

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    As much as possible, when possible, where possible. My whole family is that way. I just spent the last 7 days completely nude working on my travel trailer that is parked in my driveway. I maybe wore clothes a whole 10 hours during those 7 days. I do it because it has been hotter than heck lately, it feels better not to have clothes sticking to me, and it's something not everyone does. I always have a pair of shorts available in case someone drops in. Although this didn't work well for me today. The shorts were in the trailer, I was working on the outside and the door was shut. Our neighbor pulled in the drive unexpected and I had to hide behind the trailer. She and her daughter went in the house and I slipped out to the shed. It was a thrill!

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