Oh s**t, Dolores O'Riodan died

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Vanilla Gorilla, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. etherea

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    Yeah, just heard that. I love her voice. She will be missed
  2. Sounds like it might have been an aneurysm or heart attack
  3. Ged

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    I was never really into them but appreciate they were quality. This news affected me today actually. Kind of brings mortality into vision.
  4. Dang.. She was really good! I can't believe how many singers have died in the last year or so. I can remember Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Prince, George Michael, and David Bowie off the top of my head. RIP
  5. RiverStone

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    '21st Century is starting to blow some serious ass...
  6. That first album of theirs, the one with Linger on it always reminds me of a certain special someone at the time, who used to play that album all the time
  7. brack1936

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    Linger is one of my favourite songs and I have only just learnt the words due to the fact that I am adding it to my repertoire. I already play Zombie and Ode to my Family. These songs appear to have a bit of emotion to them and unfortunately some of us have to write these songs and then sing them numerous times. It's unfortunate. More people should be like Billie Joe from Greenday and write songs about masturbation.
  8. Lynnbrown

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    I read where she had battled with anorexia for years. If that alone doesn't take a person, it severely affects all of their organs...particularly the heart. When I tried to find out her cause of death, all the sources would say that it "wasn't suspicious".
  9. newbie-one

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    If you've been out of touch, maybe you'd like to contact them

  10. Then I could find love and finally be happy!

    Nup, he was friggin hot, but a whiney douchebag
  11. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    You'd be a perfect match then! ;)
  12. Forgot Tom Petty


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