Ocean Fishing Industry is Scouring the Bottom of the Barrel

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by ColorExchange, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Shit there was a time in american history when the sea was so bountiful.. back in the day, servants and prisoners were fed lobster so much that they had to put it in their contracts that they couldn’t be fed lobster more than twice a week.
  3. This is a good thread and very true...and it also made me really hungry for lobster- haven't had any in a while.
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    ^^^Me neither...:(
  5. "Trash Fish"... such a silly word... you know... most consider carp a "trash fish"... But in the 1800s unless you were at the top of the chain economically... You couldn't afford to eat carp... It was shipped in from European countries where carp were fed very rich diets that made for a very tasty flesh... Once brought over to the states... People started farming them everywhere... And sometimes in not the prettiest water making for muddy tasting meat... and thus the prejudice towards carp as a trash fish...

    Sheepshead aka Freshwater drum are often thought as trash fish yet are very delicious. Suckers are often thought of as trash fish as well... yet some of them cannot live outside of a very clean and silt free environment...

    Fish are very lean protein and are filled with fish oils that are chock full of omegas...

    Fishing is easy... Learn it and for pennies a day you can eat delicious lean protein year round... No need to be a slave to the fish market
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    Sorry most freshwater fish are just meh, compared to just about any salt-water fish, and not nearly as much fat and oils. I don't like mushy ol' catfish and carp anyway :cowboy:
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    Entropy? Will we run out of energy, converted into energy for us by fish?
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    I heard tilapia has virtually zero nutritional benefits. I've eaten it before and it did taste good but if it doesn't have any health kicks to it I steer away.

    I've been a vegetarian for a while now anyways so fish don't find their way onto my plates anymore.

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