Ocala scares the hell out of me!

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by dodgebus, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. dodgebus

    dodgebus Member

    The Associated Press
    Updated: 11:58 a.m. ET Jan. 27, 2005
    "OCALA, Fla. - Two boys were arrested for making pencil-and-crayon stick figure drawings depicting a 10-year-old classmate being stabbed and hung, police said. The children, charged with a felony, were taken from school in handcuffs. The 9- and 10-year-old boys were arrested Monday and charged with making a written threat to kill or harm another person. They were also suspended from school.

    One drawing showed the two boys standing on either side of the other boy and “holding knives pointed through” his body, according to a police report. The figures were identified by written names or initials.

    Another drawing showed a stick figure hanging, tears falling from his eyes, with two other stick figures standing below him. Other pieces of scrap paper listed misspelled profanities and the initials of the boy who was allegedly threatened.

    The boys’ parents said they thought the children should be punished by the school and families, not the legal system."
  2. paix

    paix Senior Member

    good lord, that's horrible. Thank god someone found out before the kids could do anything to that little boy.

    Isn't that a bit young to be making death threats? I think the worst I did at that age was "I'm rubber and you're glue". Kids can be cruel, but drawing pictures of killing another little kid?
  3. dodgebus

    dodgebus Member

    So you think that it is ok for small children to be taken out of class hand cuffed due to some drawing that they made. I think not! I would have to say that that is so harsh!
  4. paix

    paix Senior Member

    I didn't say I thought it was alright that they arrested the child, I absolutley don't, I agree with the parents that the school and the other kid's parent's should have delt with it and not the law, but it worries me that children would feel the need to do something like that.

    I guess my first post came off wrong, I don't think the police were right here
  5. dodgebus

    dodgebus Member

    Well I kind of wished I had never posted this post at least not in the Rainbow Family forums. I wrote to Ocala police dept. telling them I did not like the fact that a 7 and ten year old were arrested for what had they had done. Then tonight I get a e-mail back from the Deputy Chief of Police telling his side of the story. He said "One of the defendant children had committed a violent act against another child in the past." And he goes on on. So I still don't think you should arrrest a 7 or 10 year old for this, but I do think that they should have help in dealing with there anger. Not be thrown into the system at 7 and 10 years of age. What can we do?

    Peace love

  6. lucky the cops didn't taser them
  7. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    probably because they were white.Cops recently did taser a black 6 year old in a school here in Floriduh for threatening a teacher. Wonder why I homeschool.
  8. they tasered an old lady last week for getting unruly while asking about her friend at a nursing home - i think i remember the article said she was in her 70's...

    i feel sooooooo safe now............
  9. makno

    makno Senior Member

    thought crime !! next is origonal guilt invested at birth by the state ....they want to end abortion so they can excecute 1st graders for imagining things
  10. are you talking about the boy in miami? he was no threat to anyone but himself, he had a piece of glass. personally i could take a 6 year old down, i wouldn't need a taser!!!
  11. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    ok so some messed up kid drew a picture of blood and gore"???? and he was arrested for this...caharged for this??
    shit I had better didg threw my old jurnals Im pretty sureI drew hundreds of stickman doodles when I was that age...

    kids are kids!!! they draw stupid things, I used to draw my sister with her head cut off all the time...I would never wish anything bad on her...I WAS A KID!!!!!!

    you know when thiose two kids were bieng arrested there was a murder taking place some where, what every 10 seconds or 1 minute something stupid like that there is a murder in the united states, I bet every secoind there is a crime bieng commited....now with all this crime out there...GET YOUR FREAKIN COPS TO THE CRACK HOUSES NOT THE ELEMENTRY SCHOOL!!!!

    silly americans!!!
  12. Abyle

    Abyle Member

    Now that's a big strong man for you. :H
  13. ok Abyle, that was posted facetiously. and before ya start callin me a fascist, facetiously means:

    Playfully jocular; humorous: facetious remarks. adv : not seriously; "I meant it facetiously" [syn: jokingly, tongue-in-cheek]
  14. jelloman23

    jelloman23 Member

    Humor is un american. Why do you Hate America?
  15. ok, i found the old lady gettin tasered article:

    Taser Used on Woman in S.C. Nursing Home

    Jan 29, 08:20 AM EST

    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A police officer used a stun gun on a 75-year-old woman who became distraught when she could not locate a sick friend at a nursing home, according to an internal report.

    Officer Hattie Jean Macon received a verbal warning and was required to attend a Taser retraining course after the investigation found she acted prematurely when she used the 50,000-volt Taser, according to the report released Thursday.

    Macon was called to the nursing home after Margaret Kimbrell refused to leave. Kimbrell has said she was distraught after the staff would not disclose the location of her sick friend, and she became concerned the friend had died.

    Kimbrell jerked away from the officer and swung her arm at Macon, according to a police report. The officer then fired the Taser, police said.

    Kimbrell, who has claimed she did not swing her arms or threaten Macon, was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. Her lawyer has said she will plead not guilty and may sue the department.

    "swung her arm at" - does not say hit. and how hard can a 75 year old woman hit anyways? what is up with these cops zappin everybody??
  16. TerrapinRose

    TerrapinRose Member

    My grandma is 91 and she swings a mean purse...;)

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