Objectivless Bottom-Up Activism/Protesting

Discussion in 'Activism' started by AMS351996, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Depends...whats the insurance payout? ;)
  2. AMS351996

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    I understand, not comprehensively, but I understand it's downward pressure due to neo-liberal/neo-libertarian/neo-conservative white-market corporate capitalist policies-and-programmes initiated-and-implemented by the federal/national/unitary government that exacerbate the stress-and-anxiety that comes with the current political-legal-economic system or the capitalist political-legal-economic system/frame-work/model, on-behalf of or at the behest of zillionaires, such as multi-millionaires, billionaires, multi-billionaires and emerging trillionaires, if you're a nillionaire or if you're a millionaire (which is between one million to two million or up to ten million, but beyond ten million, you're in essence a multi-millionaire), you'd be at a western relative poverty rate or you'd be "I'm comfortable"
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    Hmmm, well I'm a zero-aire and have worked my ass off for the little I have. If a riotous mob started destroying my property I'd be sick to my stomach.
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    The "riotous mob" is rioting on-and-over state/government/public-sector policies-and-programmes, that incentivise-and-reward certain business behavior, especially behaviour not just preached-but-practiced by big businesses and medium-sized businesses, with minimal risk to their accumulated wealth, so it would be in-advertently beneficial to you, to support the rioter's, since the policies-and-peogrammes they support are bi-partisan in reality-and-practice in tone-and-texture, preserving your safety-and-security, health-and-wealth, dignity-and-integrity, privacy-and-confidentiality/anonymity, hygiene-and-sanitation, focus-and-function, equality-and-stability (like nobility-like equality-and-stability) and liberty-and-sanity and your successive generation's aforementioned
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    OP, do you live with your parents?

    EDIT: I'd love to see one of these mobs try this shit in Beijing. Haha.
  6. AMS351996

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    Yes, I do live with my parents, the so-called self-described professing-and-proclaiming communist party of china-owned-organised-and-operated federal/national/unitary government of china will never relinquish command-and-control, in essence it's quasi-marxist/marxian, yet as the year's-and-decades have rolled-on-and-by has allowed/permitted capitalist productive-distributive economic materialist forces to have equal say in the once, effectively state/government/public-sector-completely-and-wholy totally-and-utterly owned-organised-and-operated economy
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    Man... You haven’t even left the nest yet and you’re already going on about life in China. Tell me more about what it’s like to live there.
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    It's like anywhere else, rural-dwellers and city-sleekers, blue-collar's (before labor)/black-collar's (after labor) and white-collar's, a state/government/public-sector that plays an active role or just regulates/intervenes/interferes in the private-sector business sector or just the white-market to moderate-and-mediate conflicting-and-competing interest's-and-issues/care's-and-concerns/woe's-and-worries of many-and-most segment's/strata's of society
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    EDIT: C'mon, not the wikipedia answer. You can do better than that.
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    That's not just the landmass/political geography/jurisdiction of china, that's currently how many-and-most segment's/strata's of society throughout the globe/international community/planet/world/sphere, I'm always improving myself, academically/intellectually/intelligentsia and mentally
  11. quark

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    So it was just a mass generalization?

    Isn't that racist?
  12. AMS351996

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    No, identity politics aside, we, or at least those of us who reside in a developed capitalist society, not feudal-capitalist societies and developing capitalist societies, live-and-breathe in a economic materialist society, on both a micro-level and on a macro-level, so realist-and-practical divisions exist in many-and-most societies throughout the globe/international community/planet/world/sphere, regardless of ethnicity, race and nationality, sex/gender, sexual orientation/gender identity and religious association/affiliation, even as noticeable positive progress/change/movement/regress has been achieved-and-accomplished through-and-under the current political-legal-economic system or the capitalist political-legal-economic system/frame-work/model, due to evolutionaries/reformers/revisionists, who are in essence marxist/marxian in name only, marxist/marxian-minded or marxist/marxian-lite, such as progressives/so-called socialistic's and marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian capitalists, they aren't marxist/marxian thinker's-and-tinkerers (who are distinct or diverge from marxist/marxian-minded since they don't theorise an update-and-upgraded variation/version of marxist/marxian socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind and apply this revised, refined, reformed and rejuvenated/revitalised variation/version of marxist/marxian philosophy in reality-and-practice) and they aren't revolutionary orthodox marxist/marxian socialist's/lower-phase marxist/marxian communist's with marxist/marxian communism/higher-phase marxist/marxian communism in mind, since they're anti-gun-and-anti-grenade and anti-bullet-and-anti-bomb
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    Someone really likes the / key.
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    I write/type in a sophisticated fashion, yet have improved on my sentence structuring and paragraph's, but my written/typed word's are suited to each-and-every/any-and-all topics I have answered on
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    Yes, so would I. And watching the news on the Paris riots this morning annoyed me for this reason: they're going to make it worse. Violent protesting and rioting is exactly the behaviour that arms police forces, gives them more power, and lets them say they are doing it for our own safety.
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    Thank you sweetie, I've watched or adequately-and-accurately appropriately-and-accordingly listen to some of it and will continue to watch or adequately-and-accurately appropriately-and-accordingly listen to the rest of it
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