Obama Weed Czar Thingy

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Popularity, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Popularity

    Popularity Senior Member

  2. Smokinjuana

    Smokinjuana Member

    Looks good
  3. Popularity

    Popularity Senior Member

    i'm bumping this
  4. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

  5. Obama is Amabo backwards.

    coincidence? I think not.
  6. Definitely not a coincidence, isn't amabo the antichrist?
  7. To be honest I have no idea what this thread is about other than Obama.

    I just want all the last posts!

    hmm that actually was a decent article, kind of glad I read it.
  8. Fuck you and your last post wantingness
  9. My last post was just so evil that it vanished into thin air.

    Thats whats what.
  10. Into Thin Air, that horrible book by Jon Krakauer I had to read in 7th grade. That book was honestly so boring it was probably what made me want to try smoking pot in the first place :p
  11. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    That shit was alright. Too bad he still sucks. lolz.
  12. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

    i love cooking with weed
  13. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

    I've only made firecrackers.
  14. ishikabe

    ishikabe Member

  15. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

  16. marksup123

    marksup123 I'm a girl!

  17. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    the only good drug czar is a dead one
  18. marksup123

    marksup123 I'm a girl!

    el unico gato bueno es un gato muerto

    lol my spanish teacher used to say that ALL the time.

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