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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by hippieken, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. hippieken

    hippieken Member

    i am lossing my mind .........cant .....think......too.....much......kid stuff........lol anyway i stay at home with my 4 year old girlie .as some of you may know...and my wife works. well i've been a SAHD for like 2 years now and my brain is turning to oatmeal....i love being with my jessie...but i think i need a break sometimes.....and right now we live on the ice planet they call new hampshire...so going out is....well out. i guess im just venting...we are moving to oregon soon and my mom is there so maybe that will help.....thanks for reading this love you all....mommys and daddys ROCK!!!! dont we...lol
  2. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    I know how you feel. I have two little boys...a one year old and a two year old and right now I am not working. Its below zero here in pa because we are by the allegany mountains so walking and playing outside doesn't sound fun. I think today I am going to bake cookies with the boys for grandma, color a little, play clean up time, chase em around the house with the vaccumm monster(lol) and go to a store. As stupid as that sounds sometimes all I need is to go out to a store and walk around a little. Just get out and see other people who speak in adult language. Even if I don't have money to buy anything we still have fun messin with all the toys in the toy section. lol Hope you find something to do today! Why not head out to a store? Or take your little Jessie out somewhere like a coffee shop... you can get to sit down and drink hot choco together? Just some ideas. :) Maybe make mommy a fancy dinner together? I love planning little projects like that and then get the boys all dressed up and excited to show off. lol
  3. hippieken

    hippieken Member

    thanks for your help....thats the 2nd time your words helped me .....thanks be to you.
    your boys are lucky to have you as a mother....peace
  4. jamaica

    jamaica Member

    are there any other parents / people in your neighbourhood to connect with?
  5. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Ken you are so lucky. Every day that I have to get up and take my little guy to day care and go to my job, I envy people like you so much. I want nothing more than to stay home and be with my son. I hope I can be someday soon.

  6. jamaica

    jamaica Member

    ^^this is true.^^
  7. ivysmama

    ivysmama Member

    In order to be a "stay at home mom" and still earn a little income, I babysit my cousin, Faith, who will be one on Feb. 11th and has spina bifida. My Ivy is sixth months and fifteen days. My day consists of sitting on the floor and playing peekaboo, "what's that?", "let's make a lot of noise", changing diaper after diaper, breastfeeding and bottle feeding and spoon feeding (often at the same time), and watching cartoons. I graduated in May with an undergraduate marine bio degree with which I won't do anything with for a long, long time. I get very frustrated sometimes. But then I think...what other almost 23 year old gets to play and watch cartoons all day?? All that knowledge we've acquired over the years is still in there somewhere, waiting to come out...eventually. Don't rush things, that's what I say. All too soon our babies will be grown and we'll have to go back to that cruel, boring, adult world. And maybe by then, our minds will be fresh and rested. This is what I hope and believe. :)

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