O.W.O. vs N.W.O. vs C.W.O.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sign Related, Mar 21, 2008.

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    There are those that want to bring back about the old world order. And there are those that want to bring forth about the new world order. Then there are those in the middle that want things to remain as the current world order.

    ^^These things are as movements.

    Each person is for one side, but which one? Which side are you for? How do you plan on aiding in bringing the O.W.O. back or the N.W.O. forth or keeping now the C.W.O.?

    We need to boycott new technology that comes as a modern 'must be bought' thing before it's too late. See how they have set for change analog to digital. They going to do other things just like that is what you can expect till it's realized you never had a chance to keep up with the times. The CWO and NWO are out to rob us out of our capacity and capability to do well by our lonely and live well by our lonely prosperously. It's time to make the world warm, not cold to get along in. There needs to be a delaw relating to decriminalizing to a lot of things.

    If you aint down with the O.W.O. then hope you choke on a meatball [​IMG] Yes, we should change, we should change back though.
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