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Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by slapper, May 31, 2013.

  1. slapper

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    i am trying to talk my partner into going to a nudist camp but she is convinced that they are more like swingers camps than anything now i'd imagine there is a certain amount of people who will hook up in 2's ,3's or wat ever but i'm wondering is there a culture of that at camps
    give your honest answers please if there is camps/resorts that are like that or not

    ps i dont want to know where they are if there is any i'm not asking for that reason
    thanks folks
  2. meeses

    meeses Member

    There is a lot of that stuff going on... supposedly "as nudists". You will notice it right away when you get in that environment( my bro and his wife found out the hard way ). I myself prefer when it is what it should be...... nudism. That being said, there are many places out there where it really is nudism and nothing more and believe me, it is well controlled and anyone looking for more than what it should be, is kicked out and banned for life in a hurry. Just make sure you take her to the right place to start with or she will never get into nudism ever because of that bad experience. Once she experiences it in the right environment, she'll be hooked... believe me and there's nothing more liberating. good luck ! :sunny:
  3. slapper

    slapper Member

    thanks for the reply

    i think she knows that people meet and things happen just means less to take off but she just doesnt want sexfest lol not that i would complaing too much lol
    but as i said its about trying to get her in to it

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