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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Aerianne, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Skip posted this today.

    Posted Today, 01:17 PM

    To correct everyone's misunderstandings...

    The minimum age on HF is 16, not 15! It says so at signup.

    Anyone younger than that should be banned, no questions asked.

    We forbid any depiction in the public forums of sex acts, period.

    That includes come pix, vaginas and penises (and tranny whatever) posted to arouse, as opposed to inform (like for a medical question).

    Go ahead and test me if you must, but you'll be banned for even posting a JOKE about this, cause I'm not joking!

    So tits and asses are not banned, depending upon the circumstances, and for that we rely on our mods to set the tone.

    If they are posted as porn, then it's against the rules. If they are posted for non-sexual purposes, that's fine, as in a pic of a nude beach or whatever.

    If you ppl can't figure out what's allowed from that, then DON'T post ANY nudity at all, or you might be banned.

    Please correct or remove any misinformation posted in this thread.


    I should add that nipples really aren't allowed (to arouse).

    So a pair of breasts without showing the nipples is fine.

    Butt cheeks are OK too, but no anal.
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