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Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by pinkbunny17, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. pinkbunny17

    pinkbunny17 Member

    My Dad sleeps nude without covers.Even though my Mom doesn't sleep nude,it doesn't bother her that Dad does.She also doesn't mind when she catches me staring at Dad whenhe is asleep.
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  2. seebob

    seebob Member

    Then everyone is happy.
    But maybe you better avoid going into the bed room first thing in the morning.
  3. sith1

    sith1 Member

    why do you stare??

    1.- its a penis

    2.- its dad's
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  4. Dario Western

    Dario Western Member

    Nothing wrong with it. I used to see my Dad naked in the bedroom all the time when I was a kid, he slept in the nude though as he got older he started wearing underpants and pyjamas in the winter.

    The only time someone saw their father naked with negative consequences was Noah's son Ham in the Old Testament whilst Noah was drunk and had crashed out. Ham made fun of his father's drunken state and then told his two brothers who covered up Noah. When Noah woke up and found what Ham had done he was furious and pronounced a curse on his sons. Some Biblical scholars believe that by reading the original Hebrew texts Ham had done more than see Noah naked, he performed some kind of sexual act on him as well.
  5. sith1

    sith1 Member

    I've seen both my parents nude, seeing mom was more fun though
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  6. Biggles_Nude!

    Biggles_Nude! Hakuna matata.

    At 18, you're probably mightily impressionable, as I can remember myself being at that age. Seeing a naked male might be a turn on, viz-a-viz a naked female, but your parents... well, I'd back off and not be so intrusive — unless of course neither of your folks are unconcerned you are viewing one or either naked. But don't stare. One day you may be stark naked and somebody may stare at you: what will your reaction be, hmm?
  7. wolf57

    wolf57 Member

    oh , dont stare at him when dady is naked in the bed . its better aviod it for ever, if u like and respect him ,try to be more polite and respect him .
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  8. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    This is a touchy subject, since there are those who will mis-interpret a father's purposes if he goes nude before his children, even his male children.

    Many men, including me, believe it is healthy for male children to see their fathers naked. There are many "natural" settings in which this might happen, such as during bathing and changiing clothes, but even when these are not possible, a father can improvise situations in which he is naked before his sons, like at locker rooms and swimming pools.

    I was raised in a rural culture where "skinny-dippin'" was a standard practice among the boys and men. It was common, on a Sunday afternoon, to see numerous men and boys, fathers and sons, naked together at a local swimming hole.

    And, in families where there was no reason for the father to ever be naked before his sons, I have known of many cases in which the sons requested to see their fathers naked, with mixed results.

    Put me down as one who believes that a boy has the RIGHT to see his father naked, and that the father has the responsibility to see that it happens, in natural, non-threatening situations. I believe that under the "right" circumstances, it can only be a positive experience for both father and son if the son sees his father naked!
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  9. When growing up, my mom, dad, sister, and I had to share the only bathroom upstairs. On school day mornings my dad and I would share it together, both naked. We would shower together. No big deal.

    I would have hate being reared with body shame issues if he had not been nude with me, even though I showered and swam nude with the other boys at school.
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  10. Biggles_Nude!

    Biggles_Nude! Hakuna matata.

    I agree this is a touchy subject when it involves children (I fear it could be hijacked by another writer in the very troubling "Children & Nudism" thread) It's odd, in reflection, that I never saw my Dad nude. Not ever. It's very strange now I come to think of it; he was the type who would wear shorts and a white singlet, even on the hottest of days. There was nothing wrong with my upbringing in my childhood years (i.e. father-son relationship), except that I adopted nudism from a young age, which was scorned by my sister and her ultra-conservative, uptight relatives, looked upon as a bit curious by Dad, but happily embraced and supported by Mum (who made the first suggestion of "maybe find a nudist colony to play in instead of the bedroom!"). You can't say my family isn't one of variety! :p
  11. visaman

    visaman Member

    That was actually a mis-translation of the original text, but never-mind. What really happened was that Ham got a little frisky with his father's wife. :eek:
  12. Just tell you mom that your dad is comfortable going to sleep like that. If you sleep nude too, tell you mom, so that might settle her down alittle. She might begin to have an open mind.
  13. OzNorth

    OzNorth Member

    WTF, why would you be staring, we nudists DON'T STARE, we look but don't stare!!
  14. outdoorfun1

    outdoorfun1 Guest

    My parents were divorced when I was still very young, my mom was a nudist and she would always walk around naked in the house. My sister and myself often accompanied her to nudist resorts, so nudity was never a big issue in the house. Sometimes the three of us would also sleep together in the same bed, with no akwardness. Although I must say when I got older, in the mornings I would have a "problem" sometimes, but we would just laugh about it, after all that is part of life isn't it?
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  15. AmyBeachGirl

    AmyBeachGirl Member

    When I was younger ndt living with the folks when would never worry about being naked when we were on holidays expecially, skinny dipping was common within the family group and it never seemed a problem.
  16. mental-mike

    mental-mike Member

    Pinkbunny is a total troll, OR has serious have to real ALL her post.
  17. dragondenoir

    dragondenoir Member

    Our family is always naked. I am very happy and proud that my husband is always naked. We have 2 girls ans 1 boy. They are used to him in and out the house naked. I believe to they need to see both genders naked. Being naked is not sexual. We are very comfortable naked. The girls are very close to their father.
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  18. nakedrhode

    nakedrhode Member

    My kids were raised nude and we had an open door policy and no subject was ever taboo . Yes they saw things many times growing up but it was never made a big thing over it .We never had to worry about our kids because they told us everything in technicolour .Even as young adults some times we still have those sorts of conversations with some times too much information . Rather that than worrying about what their not telling us .
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  19. Vasssue

    Vasssue Members

    Dad likes to swim in the pool sometimes without a swimsuit. Usually late at night. Mom sometimes joins him. When growing up, I've also walked in on dad in his bedroom when he was getting changed. It's never been a big deal.
  20. nudony

    nudony Member

    Growing up, I occasionally saw my Dad nude around the house. He even went nude at the beach once when I was a kid. It wasn't a big deal; even though as a male boy I felt somewhat "inferior" to him.

    Then I became the "Nude Dad" myself. And it wasn't just occasional; I was nude at home a lot and took my daughter to the nude resort and get-togethers.
    It was all pretty normalized because it was such a "family thing." Seeing me nude was a non-issue since it was consistent. I wasn't "Nude Dad", I was just "Dad."

    My daughter never had any issues being around me or other males nudists; or being nude herself at home or socially. She was a perfectly happy kid and embraced nudity.
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