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  1. for all who are alive...and more,
    tis over capitalism ,class divide
    that rules our lives..
    that crept around this globe {this garden}
    tis over,the change has started
    the time has come.
    to break free from all
    which kept you down
    swim calmly from the deep.
    the depths our tears filled
    over hundreds ,thousands
    of long years their capitalist lies.....
    no need to flee just stand our ground..
    human needs behold are now
    to be live and eat
    in warmth and not misunderstand
    to grow from this war rotten system
    we have the chance to now see...

    hows the dollar and the pound
    those damn dirty papers
    no where to be seen...
    goverments twist and steal
    our souls ,but now its
    done the human must
    move on ..not wishing
    to scare nor take life
    our class levels have blood
    dripping oil
    that flows the coal that burns
    the wood that smells so delicate
    in morning air..
    tis over this capitalist ideal.
    what a sick joke to look
    upon, a history untold
    death and pain driven
    away like the system of
    the usa and uk.......

    love npeace from saff...

    with lack of dentists and doctors
    lack of money for schools bad housing
    and fat cat bankers ,there is only one way
    to break this capitalist idea....
    now the middle classes have trouble
    yet what about the poor they have struggled
    since before our so called lord.
    for poverty is a sin like the rains we dont
    collect..and tribal war is far worse
    human against human is a sad impact
    lay down the arms to listen to governments that
    send pain fly bombs shoot guns and aim to replace
    all with love not hate....

    its hard to understand a different way of living
    but how hard can it be, we destroyed the tribes
    who sort peace and lived in a garden free..
    so memories of past loving should be given a fresh chance to bloom like a baby born like the rose
    upon a plant...

    sorry to be so harsh i long for peace also
    and will always look for freedom
    for me and all around...
    get rid of the class divide and swim so
    lightly upon your change
    what money and plastic say give
    us untruth..yesterday today...

    thank you for listening
    from saff....
  2. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    Equality, loving simply...

    feeding the hungry,
    housing the homeless
    & healing the sick;

    starting with Oneself,
    and sharing the Love,
    each moment...

    One embracing One
  3. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    Sweet rage!
    In our blood bloody revolution
    One of those cyclical things, no?
    (runs for the hills [literally])…
    Embracing simple things.
    Clean water, a garden
    Solar powered
    Soggy bark scents
    Spring around the corner…
    Good neighbors acres away

    Bears scare me.
    Osama not so much.
    Bush sort of did...
    In the bush, however...

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