Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HerbuhLovuh, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. HerbuhLovuh

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    live in a forest Imed me today and I see her sexy pictures again now remembering all the interesting randomnesss
    ello ;)
    It is good to say hello
    someone will do something bad now....
  2. Lodog

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    But I didn't do ANYTHING yet!
  3. HerbuhLovuh

    HerbuhLovuh raa

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    now it's coming...
    it's coming so fast now....
  4. HerbuhLovuh

    HerbuhLovuh raa

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    I got really stoned earlier and talked to god
    it was heavy
    Now it seems like it was over fast
  5. HerbuhLovuh

    HerbuhLovuh raa

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    yesterday I was fasting
    and god came to me
    and said
    what are you doing? so I said
    I am fasting in the name of god

    which I hadnt known, until I said it

  6. alex714

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    hey herbuh!!

    where the heck have you been, i thought you were gone for good.
  7. HerbuhLovuh

    HerbuhLovuh raa

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    nice sig pic :)

    by the way, I never came back, if I never arrived
    thanks for noticing
  8. HerbuhLovuh

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    so you wanna know
    if im at war
    so yu wanna see
    if I can be now that im not
    as if I sought
    what once begot a mind
    of draught
    infinitely forgot
    the ever thought
    every after-thought
    was undone never become anytime I am none
    now to be I ever see I am anything in the sun
    black holes of hearts that know it always won
    sucking on you
    sucking what to do
    sucking all negative energy into my heart
    turning it to love
    being everything undone
    for of

    the power is in my soul
    the power is what I know
    the power smells like a troll
    the power has cared and known
    the power always grown
    oohh god
    singing in my s0ul
    so heavy
    what can I be
    but speaking straight to god
    spiritually safe for now
    I face my soul

    a little power will save me now
    a little power will save me now
    a little teuth will set me free now
    a lot of truth was cut loose right now

    eveyrthing was always sought
    and everything was always found
    everything was always found deep in the ground

    I fly so high
    I fly so high
    I vibrate sound of mind

    I fly so low
    I crash into the ground
    I was still high in my mound
    of inconcievable insecurity of breaking all truth in me
    of fracturing the core of reality
    and turning to invisibility

    only parts of it makes sense
    only sense makes parts of it
    artistic creations
    useless wit
    fat representations
    get this sickness in it
    infected permutations
    ethereal tidbit

    i am a blackhole
    sucking on everything that was ever known
    inverting it inside the point of no return
    making it forever unknown
    all of mind to burn

    in a pool of water I breathe deep under the covers of reality
    basking in security I breathe water burning minds
  9. alex714

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    i missed your mindless rambles!!
  10. whispers

    whispers sweet and sour

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  11. HerbuhLovuh

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    we existed in corners called the world could die
    we existed in places that persisted as a never ending question
    why? oh why? why? why?

    the reasons were so simple yet at this moment failed to reproduce or execute or what is to do
    yea I see I dont know why yea I care to be higher than a duck flying across the sky
    I want to be so high I dont even care or bother to ask why
    I like to be unknown and always unknowing everything
    I like to be alive and always crying out my mind

    Truth cares to reproduce and alleviate those who suffer from incurable truth or malfunctioning slipping always falling further and further down and hey time get high and unbounded unknowingly across the evolutionary aspects of time across the times that rhyme with ducks and monks and donkeys too

    there was this horrible suferring sound boiling like grumbling growls and tearing up the mound where we swing to crash into an audience that brings bad luck and horrible misigivings but to be so lucky anyway

    these soft truths know why
    these soft truths they like to hide in corners and shadows of the mind
    these words mean what is as all is not to be at is
    and who are you when I decided to be alive
    when I decided to be peeling across finite landscapes
    across infinite landscapes
    arrested at the moment where I knew I'd die every time
    and Id like to see it again and again
    Id like to watch it and not pretend about anything
    pretending anything could be higher than a world about who is what is where is now is how is whats to do again is whats to be my friend is waht to show it is whats to grow across the worlds that lye oh across the worlds that lye in outter space god left a trace and she evolved beyond that now is before when we could not see before when we could not be and afterwards infinite minds and after we heard the infinite mind a voice so deep it screamed so high and rumbled with piercing words that broke through the barriers of mind

    opposite truths denote it polarities have always shown it suddenly or belated infinitely or so screwed up and out back in whats fast is to hurry oh some more

    these are not poems
    they do not belong with poetry
    and now I await the one who has come to show all I am is wrong
    so where is that little one
    how big will it be when im undone?
    how big it will make you to make me undone
    always undone always undoing not won
    please come and break my soul
    please come and take all I know
    please steal my identity
    please steal all my love
    everything I have is for free
    I hold nothing back I hold nothing to you
    I expect all things to breathe fire on my mind so I live underwater all through time

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