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    after a faulty extraction, i reboiled the remaining kilo of pedro pulp with HCl for approximately 30 minutes. the pulp was drained and squeezed in 70% poly 30% cotton cloth over a strainer into a punchbowl. this is my preferred method because of simplicity and efficiency. the solution was near 3/4 gallon and a light green colour, being the 4th boil of this substance. It was then boiled down to a more familiar light brown liquid, approximately 10 fl oz. The solution was chilled in a freezer, and consumed shortly thereafter.

    I was initially worried about dosing, not really being sure how much a kilo would produce after a few boils. Turned out to be light dose, I would estimate near 180-250 mg. as suspected, the initial water extractions yeild far higher. certainly nothing special, but a tremendous mood enhancer nonetheless. i spent the night on my porch, enjoying the warm weather, cigarettes, and solitude. nothing much visually, but a very nice body buzz specific to the phenethylamie persuation. energy rushes and hot/cold flashes, pleasant either way. thought flow was not quite rapid, but certainly more focused and meaningful. at one point a poor old black man came riding down my street on a bicycle. his whistling filled the streets... very loud and melodic. as he picked through my neighbor's recycling bin, his whistles turned to tribal chanting. he took his cans and rode in circles right in front of my house, still singing, never noticing my presence. it was one of those moments that you feel is just for you, almost exclusive to trips. i was excited that a light dose still brought that to me. i was able to take advantage of appetite still available on such a light dose, and cooked a steak when i returned indoors. the flavor was amazing, and the wine to complement none less.

    though i botched a large amount of goodies in the original mass, i am thankful for tonights light experience. a tease it may have been, it still gave me what i look for in a trip: a friend of my own, in myself, and a feeling of connection with something else, whatever it may be. i hope you all enjoyed.
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    quick follow up...

    just after posting this i returned to my porch, only to witness a high speed chase end with a crash into a dirt pile in a construction zone at the end of my road. one of the 6 people crammed into the sedan took off running, only to be apprehended shortly thereafter. minutes following, another cruiser came speeding down my road for backup at about 50mph (residential need i mind you), only to crash into a tow truck parked at the corner. oh man, tonight was clearly for me.

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