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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by smlchance, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Here are some kinda rambling notes, fwiw.

    Dutch people are AWESOME. They are probly the smartest most beautiful ppl I've met. They do have a kinda reserved, methodical quality which can be misunderstood by americans as unfriendly or impolite but in fact it is just b/c they are deep and sure of themself. Of the dozens of ppl I talked to there were only one or two who were really uncool and they were immigrants.

    I'd love to know who started the propaganda about Dutch bathrooms being gross cause I went into many and they were all at least clean, most were spotless.

    Centraal Station is HUGE and don't believe anyone who says they are a "two-minute walk" from there. It seems to take about a day and a half to walk from the train platform to the front exit. Then there is another journey through construction and trams to find the main street. Holy cow. Same thing for Schiphol. Of course I was either very high or very eager to get high, so my perception might be a little bit off. ;o

    The first and easiest and best coffeeshop from the train station IMHO is Rasta Baby. Just take a right out of the main exit and walk until you see about a million bikes. Follow the road around to the left and you come to the main street Prince Hendrikstrasse or something. Rasta Baby is the white building with red and green paint on the corner of the street. It was such a happy and beautiful moment when I came upon this from around the corner. It was about 9:30 in the morning and at first it looked closed but then I saw the warm glow of red candles on the tables and it was almost religious. I understood why ppl have been lighting candles in churches for thousands of years. The proprietor is very cool and interesting to talk to but she sure as hell enjoys reading the newspaper so don't bother her with a lot of stupid questions or small talk. Her name is Paula and she is BEAUTIFUL. She told me she smokes the White Widow cause it's the strongest. I tried some and though I'm not that great a pot smoker (normally) I didn't really think it was that strong. Though nothing I smoked in A'dam really kicked my ass. But I'm weired in that when I'm smoking 24/7 I only really get high in the morning. I also got two pieces of her space cake which were fancy, beautiful and delicious but which had absolutely no effect. She told me that ppl who smoke a lot normally won't get much effect from them and I guess that's the case. When i was leaving for a few days to go to Rome she held onto my stash and bowl and took very good care of it, wrapping the metal bowl in about three layers of napkins. (>???) (This is definitely not America)

    The bowl she took such tender care of was from The Bulldog in Leidseplain. At first I resisted going in there cause I was afraid of a tourist trap but was very glad I finally did and ended up hanging out there a few times. The bartedner was really cool and smart and interesting. The vibe was defintily "chain, touristy" but in a way that is uniquely Dutch. Can't explain. The bowl cost like 6e.

    Boom Chicago is a comedy outfit run by some genius ex-American. Most of the audience seemed to be Dutch and they still laughed at the gags that insulted them on various points.

    London Bridge is an English pub that I was exstatic to find since I could watch a live soccer match. The prices were the most expensive and the pub burger I got was the most awful burger I have ever tasted, making it a 110% authentic English pub. Altogether I enjoyed it!

    Visited Amnesia on three occassions and was always happy there. Old Hippie Dave's trophy is really great looking. Got a pre-rolled of their pure-weed (mixed schwag) for about 4e and it was probly the strongest thing I smoked there. (I could be mixing this up with another place, I did buy a pre-rolled here but it might have been their Hawaiin Haze. I forget which place I got the pure weed pre-rolled.) The first time i went in I just got a cappucino and smoked my own stash and the bartender was this amazingly beautiful woman who seemed to be sending of huge vibes of being into me but of course I didn't trust my instinct and didn't really say much to her.

    I was sposed to leave on the 19th but I was late to the airport. The lady at the gate asked me a couple times why I was late and finally I said, "Well I thought it would just take 10 minutes to get here." And she said, "OK, since you were given the wrong information I will waive the reschedule fee." (NO, this is not America! :)

    IT is very difficult to walk around this city. The streets are about eight feet wide and accomodate cars, bikes, trams, buses and pedestrians. Half the time you can't walk in the "sidewalk" cause it is full of parked bikes. Do not ever think that a bike will stop for you. Neither will trams. Bike will stop for cars and cars will sometimes stop for ppl but bikes never. I guess bikes are like cats were in Egypt. Once I was almost killed by another pedestrian! I'm not kidding, I innocently walked around a corner to stare into the eyes this woman bearing down on me at about 10 miles an hour. Her face was literally inches from mine and I said, "OH fuck!" and she kinda swerved as I ducked.

    When you get on a tram you have to show your ticket to the worker at the back of it. Buses are different. On one tram I managed to offend the guy twice with my stupid american comments. The first was how everything here is so narrow. "Typical ammerican comment." But it's damn true! Not only the streets but everything. I may be a fat american but I noticed that even slim europeans had a hard time on the seats. The guy was an ex-pat from Delaware and I said something about how I love Delaware cause it's such a tiny little nothing place and this offended him too. Oh well. I'm jealous of everyone who is a foreigner here cause I would love to live there but have no idea, or maybe not enough gumption.

    I could write tons more like how there is a desert cake at A.Heijns which is the most delicious thing I ever ate and came in a package of two and cost only 2.2eu but I forget what it's called and I've got to run.

    PLEASE email me if you have any questions or would like to chat about this godsend of a place! Especially if you are Dutch and want to marry an American! When we get divorced maybe we can swap citizenships! ;)

    smlchance AT yahoo
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    Hi smlchance,

    Just to say that was a very enjoyable read :)

    Your enthusiasm really shows.

    It's so easy to fall in love with the Dam isn't it.


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    Good stuff.
    Enjoyed reading your trip report.
    Always like reading other people's experiences in Amsterdam,
    whether it's good or bad.
    Bet you'll go again sometime.?
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    nice one man

  5. dmgreen

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    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!
    What's not to love, the people are great, the food is great and of course the drugs are too!

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