Notes from the Black Swamp / Northern Ohio Council

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    Notes from the Black Swamp / Northern Ohio Council

    Present at some time during council: ScottieB, Oden, Rusty, Kassidy, DragonJon, Stephanie, Louis

    We had a wonderful Sunday morning hike in the woods. It was beautiful weather, and we saw early flowers, butterflies and various wild critter. Before that, we arrived at the following…

    Discussion: We decided to pick one day each for the Van Buren & Van Wert potlucks (normally announced as monthly events), and chose dates considering the known dates for picnics, potlucks and gatherings throughout the surrounding regions.

    Discussion: We hope to scout some regionalish spots in the Wayne NF, if any can be found, or at least a location or two for councils. We really DO wish we had a decent National Forest to scout…but then there's always Allegheny, Hoosier, Manistee, Huron, Monongahela, Daniel Boone…

    Consensus: We support the Ironton Family, and hope to council in the Hocking Hills region this year

    Discussion item: We need to connect folks near Yellow Springs , OH who are into Permaculture Farming / Peak Oil Conference, etc.

    Consensus: "Weeeeee Loooooove Yooooou!" (that's for the Michigan Folks, the Cumberland Folks, NERF and the Mid Atlantic Folks – and all the other folks that scout, focalize and keep the regional Home Fires burning!)

    Consensus: We support the East Coast Gathering, and hope it can begin on or around Aug 10.

    Consensed Calendar of BS Events

    April 20 – Scout Rendezvous, Allegheny NF

    June 2 – Black Swamp Potluck, Van Buren SP

    June 8-11 – Scout Rendezvous at Mohican, Hocking Hills, or Wayne NF, hopefully with Ironton Family

    July 28-29 - Lake Erie Beach Party, East Harbor SP

    Sept 3 - Van Wert Potluck, Hiestand Park

    Scribe: DragonJon

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