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    physicality and presence
    opposites of appearence
    i am here
    i am not
    you seem to be
    you live in thought

    a mist and flow
    of infinite energy
    grow in a well
    within, then epiphany!

    realization of all
    but then again
    your glimpse is over
    it came to an end

    until again begins
    your inner journey
    or recolection
    brings back life's beauty

    impatience posesses you
    you are now lost
    one more journey
    your path will cross
    will cross with the world
    true knowledge a cause

    for a redundant cycle
    grow from your body
    realization sees you
    you reach desperately
    falling into truth

    grow tall
    see the sky
    see all

    drift into the eye
    the one truth
    it's all a lie
    made from youth

    you are not you
    i am not you
    we are blank
    unable to look through

    past this body
    past this paper
    past this pencil
    into mind vapor

    grow into the sky
    join the temple
    hidden up high
    become the example

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