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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by UnspokenThings, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. me and my girlfreind have been together since the start of the year and have never argued about anything at all ever. is that a good thing? or should i be worried about it?

    ive never had anything so easy before ever. if she wants to go out and see some shit bands i dont like she just goes out with her freinds and i do something else. and i know she isnt the type to do things behind my back. everything is so easy.

    i remember with other girlfreinds i used to have when i had a feeling that things would last forever. of course they never do. but i really think its only going to be my fault if i fuck things up with this one. its always my fault i guess. nobody else to blame.

    im happy now at least.
  2. chris_1661

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  3. Carlfloydfan

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    So its been about five months than? Usually the first 3-6 months are the easy/comfy period, where everything is fresh and the excitement of something new tends to cloud everything else. This can be both good and bad. Maybe you will be unprepared for a rude awakening in the coming months, when you start to come back down to earth and fall into more of a routine that all relationships start to fall into when time starts to play a factor. Or maybe you just mesh really well and should be happy that you are getting along so well. Don't pick any fights just to make sure you two are human together (because things sound perfect now). Maybe part of you wants to see how you two would deal in such a scene. But you will have a disagreement eventually, just don't hope for it. Most new relationships bring little to no conflict at first. And if there is something, it is almost always minor and easily smoothed over, so don't worry, this is nothing new that you two are experiencing. After all, why would you be together if you were fighting a lot before the half year period? do you fight with your good friends when you first get to know them?

    Me and my girl have been together for a few months and things are still perfect. I am not naive, we will have a disagreement, I know that, but I am not thinking of it or waiting for it.
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    As long as you only 'fight' (i like to think of it as disgareeing and then working it out) about the IMPORTANT things, then everything should be good. dont let yourselves get caught up in silly disagreements that turn into brutal arguements. make sure that you and her pick your battles and let some go. only fight about things that matter to you. but always argue in proportion- im sure you dont want to loose her just to win an arguement.

    you sound like you are a capable and respectable person with their head screwed on right; so just go with it and keep things in perspective. im sure you guys will fight SOMETIME, so just remember that a relationship is give and take- you cant win all the time.

    good luck with everything! and enjoy the blissful stage!
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    if there's nothing worth fighting over, it's probably good that you aren't fighting!

    I don't see anything wrong with not fighting for a while, as long as it isnt' because you guys arent' holding back on real problems
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    the joy of a new relationship! :) just remember that it is healthy to disagree and argue from time to time. I don't think I could trust anyone who always agreed with me 100%, that's just too weird. But fights, that's something different. My husband and I have been together nearly 14 years now, and have had maybe three big fights, ever. But we do argue and disagree with each other all the time, it's kinda fun for us.
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    Been a bit over a year now with this one..We fight, bicker, squabble..Mutter, growl, yell..Stomp..I think we've moved past throwing things. ;)
    We live together.

    Sometimes it just desolves into laughter.

    That's great! Don't over analyze it, enjoy the ride! [​IMG]
  8. yes as long as u disagree on somethings thats good u dont have to argue about things u disagree on but if someone is agreeing with the other 100% of the time, that someone is compromising too much which is unhealthy and can lead to a freak out.
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    No, not all relationships have arguments. There are disagreements but I agree wholeheartedly with Mamaboogie - someone who doesn't state their case, even if it's against me or my views, is too weird (for me).

    I'm not sure what kinds of arguments you're meaning, by the way. Most of them (and I mean fullblown-where's-the-psychiatrist ones) are founded on false assumptions, insecurities, differing needs. If you're free from that, that's wonderful!

    It's so stressful to be in a relationship where you're at it cat and dog. But the sex is usually fucking awesome.

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