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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by mprtchc, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Early this morning, before my alarm went off I had a awful dream, that made me almost feel sick when I woke up. It started out as a party with lots of friends and people, present time. This guy who I had always had a deep connection with in high school was there. In real life we slept together a few times and always loved each other (but never dated). He is married now, but in my dream he was with his g/f from high school, as if they were still together. My current b/f was around somewhere. I kept telling my old lover that I was still in love with him, or something along those lines. His g/f was getting mad that I kept telling him something. later on her and i went downstairs to talk to my b/f and she asked if she could talk to him alone, as if she just needed a guy to talk to. Thinking that this was a great opportunity for me to talk to my old lover without her around i said ok and left the room. As I was walking up the stairs, out of their view, i heard her tell my b/f that I wanted to cheat on him with her b/f. i went back downstairs saying that wasn't true and yelling at her, telling him it was a lie. he started to get mad and eventually i ended up somewhere else at the party, where he wasnt around. my old lover, this girl's b/f leaves and isn't in the dream anymore, but she is still there. now even tho i hate this girl i'm hanging out with her and we end up going back downstairs where I find my b/f having sex with this girl we both know in real life (not someone i ever worried about him sleeping with). i freaked out and ran over to them pushing her off him and start smacking him. then i start hitting her and throw her on the ground. i wake up around this time and feel like i just had a horrible nightmare. the thought of my b/f having sex with someone else makes me sick.

    I have been stressed out lately, but not with anything that concerns my b/f. And I thought it was so strange that my old lover would be a part of this whole scenario.
  2. mprtchc

    mprtchc Member

    I'd like some input on how I should interpret this dream. Thanks to anyone who offers their thoughts

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