not a good reoccuring dream to be having

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by indiewelt, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. indiewelt

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    does anyone know what it means when your reoccuring nightmare involved you getting shot and killed
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    here is a thought but please keep in mind you are the one who knows better always as it is your dreams, and your journey and your own desire to know how the world is like ... while the world is just careful to reflect your own answers, over and over again.

    In dream you dive deep to hold the moment of a past life of passing on, in need to find closure and let go. Yet it is as meaningful as anything that draws your attention as an impulse of change, and what you will do with it is the key when you wake in the morning to sail with the fleetingness of the moments, while seeking for answers that are sure.

    So be aware of those moments in waking life when you strongly feel like missing a sense, and are looking outside your own self. And then try and listen still more to your heart spaces that tell you that you are still here, and very much alive, and unharmed and complete, and just are going through more changes, and tell you to reach beyond the fears that narrow the attention, and let go. It is like when you wake from your nightmare. Take the dream as a medicine. It maybe does not taste very good, but deeper inside you know better ... otherwise you would not be there. As you create all of your experiences, and it is out of your own desire to be set free again and again. Death is but another moment of change ... you go through it all the time. Death just asks you to fully embrace life, and your own self, and walk in awe and wonder ... as fully as he is embracing you.

    Now I hope this makes sense, too.
  3. indiewelt

    indiewelt Member

    death indeed is but a door

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