normally how long untill sex shows on 12/12

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by mr.greenxxx, Mar 21, 2008.

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    hi, this is my second full grow cycle, and first with a normal strain. i grew lowryder (autoflower) before, and sex shown after about a month of its life.

    im growing AK48, Northern lights and some sativa bag seeds atm. they have been on 12/12 for 12 days now, so far ive pulled 3ak's, 1 sativa and 1 NL because they had mutiple seed pods. now 1 ak is showing white pistils which im sure is a female, but i have numorous other plants that arent showing sex yet, is this right?

    the named strains all should finish flower at around 2 months, i mean will 6more weeks be enough if some arent even showing sex yet?

    im kind of affraid there might be something wrong considering grow reports show slight bud formation at 2 weeks, and my so far one identified female still isnt :\

    im growing in soil under a 400w hps on 12/12 right now after 30 days of veg. feeding them bio bizz veg/ now bloom. theyre under a net because i have low space, alot of training for the sativa's etc - so due to size i have more plants than i normally would (kind of like a sea of green scrog, only bigger)
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    Males show first so the longer it takes the more chance there females, I've known plants t show in just 4 days but normally takes about 2 weeks. 30 days of green seems really young if ya've grown from seed n would normally be between 6-8 weeks when mature enough t bloom the leaves start t move more apart and not opposeing on the stem. Yep white pisils or fluff is females males start with little balls witch drop on stalks and turn into the flowers.

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