NOOOOO Please help, they are dieing!!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pests and Problems' started by BudToker, Apr 25, 2007.

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    This plant is wilting, has a brown long scar on one of the leaves and has dark green spots on the top and bottom of the leaves and it is losing color. Another plant is wilting worse and curling on the sides and is also losing color. And another plant has a red rash-type thing on the underside of the leaves. All the plants seem flimsy and weak. I sprayed the fungi/pesticide thing but it has done nothing so far. HELP! PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!

    I posted this in my thread "My first attempt! SOOOOO excited!" but I figured if I want a response sooner I should probablly post it in this section fo the forums.
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    Come on people! PLEASE!
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    first your soil should be a #4 ,there is very little nutes in it{#4} what type of lights are you using , how offen are you watering and get a good book on growing
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    I have a soil humidity meter which i test every day. I water when it is in the "dry" range and I don't water if its in the "moist" range. It ened up being like every other day. I'm using CFL and a flourescent tube fixture when they get bigger. They are doing a bit better right now though. What the hizzeck are "nutes"?
  5. BudBill

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    Nutes are fertilizers :)

    They are still pretty young so be very careful if you do fertilize them - 1/4 strength if at all. Superthrive is a good additive.

    They don't look too bad.
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    Yeah well my camera sucks...they are getting better though. Except the rbown scar on the one plant is getting larger and it's developing yellow spots. I put high nitrogen fertilizer spikes int he soil that are supposed to last 60 days, so that could be why. The sites i read said to fertilize right away, but I'm gonna try to dig up the spikes because I trust you guys more than joe shmoe's site on marijuana growing.

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