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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by georgeygeorgegeorge, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hi all, first post here (been reading a fair bit) was hoping for some advice.

    I've recently moved to manchester (in UK), been a few years since I toked, I've moved around a lot and the kind of circles I move in would not only not approve but would also probably get me sacked in the process.

    Was considering MOM but wanted some advice first. I've read some good and bad stuff about rene, seen 2 identical sites (freedom and secrets) and not sure what to make of it, he's expensive but if its legit I might give it a go. There was also some email address at, one looked an obvious scam with large orders only from hungary so not sure what to make of GDS.

    I also found BB, but just get a log in screen and nothing else.

    Was hoping someone could advise on what to do

  2. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    Don't do it. 90% of them are scams and if it's posted on a public forum it's a risk of being not good. Your best bet is to just find a dealer. Good Luck.
  3. Thanks

    trouble is I can't really go hanging around student areas (if I get seen I could lose my career) and I'm a bit too old for that kind of thing anyway, and as I said the people I know don't have those kind of connections.
  4. xSOADxX075

    xSOADxX075 Member

    Maybe start growing.
  5. I've thought about it, don't know how I'd convince/hide from the missus though, don't think she'd believe its decorative.

    I'll have a read of the forum here and see if its possible.
  6. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    Getting a dealer can be as easy as talking to your local barkeep. Just be chatty, talk about how you like to smoke. Trust me the food service industry is a great place to get a hook up. I find when you put yourself out there it is easy to get a connection. I don't know enough about your situation to talk more about it for you but it can be easy if you just be yourself. Bellmen or doormen are also a good souce. A lot of people when they travel tend to hit these people up. Good Luck.
  7. thanks for the advice, when I used to smoke I always bought from a friends source, I'm a bit wary of searching for dealer, I'm a teacher at a posh school and if it somehow gets around my collegues would not understand
  8. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    Ahhh, a teacher. Hell, half the teachers I knew all smoked. I get your concerns, that can be a big deal because you affect the minds of so many of our children today. I still say the pub is the best bet. Go someplace you might not normally go to, so out of the way place not near your school system. I am also sure that there are some head shops you can go to that are also not near you. I wish you the best.
  9. neim

    neim Member

    great comment.

    it pretty much the kind of person you are.
  10. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    I agree with Startreken

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