No Movements in 3 Intervals

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    Something I made, take it however you like :)

    No Movements in 3 Intervals

    Movement 1:
    A terracotta mind with eyes for blinds
    My deepest concerns are these things we dabble in
    Little words become powerful phrases
    And the actions we pursue become our downfall sin
    So breathe the light and taste the sun
    A mental mind wrap with lettuce and cheese
    Our responsive vendettas will become fun
    When we tear and pull this government’s frieze

    Chapter 2:
    Therefore place some rohto v’s in the third eye
    And let it blink a couple times or two
    Deny those rancid ideas and beliefs
    And flex that muscle you never seem to do

    Volta and Chapter Post 2:
    And place trust never in the Administrators
    For they are only the jesters of the Saber

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