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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by tiki_god7, Jun 6, 2004.

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    I've done X twice in my life now and niether time have I had anything remotley resembling the feelings I've heard attributed to a good roll.....I have friends that are really into X and know a good pill when they see one and the first time I tried it they said it was the best they ever had....I gotta a slight body high and sorta trippy visuals as all...kinda like if you ate maybe a stem or two from mushrooms, nothing worth paying money for really....
    THe next time was at Bonnaroo 2003, they said it was molly(don't know how true that was or not) but it was a little capsule about 3/4 filled with white powder.....I took that with an 8th of mushrooms and felt just a normal mushroom trip( have experimented with mushrooms enough to know if it was more then a trip or not)....and then another experienced Xpert or what have you...said it was the best shit he ever had and rolled like 12 hours....
    Ever heard of people not being affected by MDMA? I really want to excperience it but don't really want to over do it.....any suggestions?
  2. if your capsule was filled 3/4's of the way chances are it wasnt molly. molly is generally sold in 1/10ths of a gram. that only fills up a small portion of the capsule. better luck next time. if anyone wants any molly recipies hit me up. its pretty easy to make, just takes lottsa water. lovin yall.

    ~shine on in love and light~
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    Well there is evidence of people who used to roll lose a lot of the effects over time. This phenomenon has become known as the novelty effect.
  4. Hey there! I might have the response your looking for:

    "a friend of mine" had very grade A molly deluxe from capsules that are 3/4ths full. Most of my great experiences were from 3/4ths full caps. Remember people: size of capsules varies. These were smaller, not vitamin-y sized. If anything, the stuff Is aw might of had some bulking agent, but nothing unpure or drug related. They were clean feeling and very very awesome. Not jarring or gritty at all. Not smackey. The real deal.

    OK, this may be your problem: You are mixing with shrooms. The way to a good e trip is to just do the e first. In fact, "my friend" oonce drank like 4 good beers a few hours before a trip, and the e was dramatically decreased in effect. this year alone, theres been 3 different times where it was shrooms first, then all the sudden someones all "heres some e" It works, like keeps me up and coordinated, but cancels out the shrooms and beers.

    Suggestion: No alcohol (one beer only) or weed, or shrooms before your e! Just sone juice and water. Not much food, a small meal an hour before. Go back to Bonnaroo and try this!

    More advice: do the shrooms at Roo on a different night....they can bring back the e trip or vice versa! Better night by night than all in one night, is my theory, esp. at fests like Roo. Have fun, and dont ever do more than 2 in on3 ngiht, and spread those badf boys out. Get yer schtuff tested and dont get drunk, you wont hardly feel the roll! :(
  5. ^^^woops, bad typo. I meant to say, Dont ever do more than 2 a night or you'll end up in that ^^^novelty state explained above. read more n experience vaults. Stories galore.

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