No Longer Hiding Behind Shadows

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by honeyhannah, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. honeyhannah

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    My mom finally knows I'm vegetarian, I am no longer in the closet.

    I can't say how relieved I am...

    I 'sorta' told her a few times before but it's like she didn't get it or she wouldn't except it and because she's so important to me that had a huge effect on me actually eating meat when I'd go back home to live her (on breaks & weekends)

    Well it makes me feel like I don't have to hide anymore or worry about disappointing her because anything that I do that is different from how I was brought up makes her feel like a failure, like she wasn't a good mom, so I really never wanted to tell her, but it feels so much better now.

    Now I can really call myself a vegetarian, if I want... yay!

    Now I have to tell my dad, and see how the rest of my family will react.

    Is anyone else in the closet?
  2. Elle

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    My grandmothers are the only two that don't know. Not because I am hiding it, but it's just that they live far away and since I don't eat with them I feel no need to tell them yet. I know that when I tell them I will hear a lecture on how I "need meat to be healthy" blah blah. And I just don't feel like explaining everything yet. But whenever I get around to visiting them I know the subject will arise as soon as we sit down to have dinner.
  3. gertie

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    my mom hide my vegetarianiam from my family at first. it was like she was afraid that somehow she had failed to them b/c i didn't eat meat. just be yourself.
  4. drumminmama

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    I ust heads up the members who have had time to forget, or its the first time I'm visiting in forever.
    My brother wrote me a paniced e-mail a couple years back. I told him what I'd be wearing ("Meat:It's what's rotting in your colon"--my running shirt) and he'd completely forgotten I'd gone veg about the time he moved out.
    So he writes: what to you eat besides not beef?
    I told him not to sweat it, he lives in Cal, I can find amazing food where ever I please...the Thai place asked if eggs were OK! We had "salad bar (bagged salads and lots of goodies on the table)" and I cooked for the three dinners I was there.
    My family grumbled that it was difficult (no, eastern colorado and eating out was difficult) but no one gave me much flack. A few nutrition questions, which I researched and answered, and a few "is such or thus Ok?"
  5. jesikhaviolet

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    its not like you could get stressed at for it.
    however, i did get chucked out of my friends' house a while ago. the conversation was thus
    me: skittle, why not just tell your dad you're veggie?
    skittle: ok. dad! i'm veggie (or words to that effect)
    her dad: stupid girl! how are you going to get protein?!
    skittle: *looking at me* i'll give blowjobs
    her dad: jes! out of this house now! i will not let you use my daughter like this
    me: ok, so she can get her protein from you? *run away*

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