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    Anyone care to weigh in on the importance of monitoring NPK during a grow? I've heard answers on both sides of the fence and want a bit more info (I'm pretty new to the growing game).
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    Thanks, this will help me a lot with my grow notes I'm putting together. Much appreciated!
  4. You're going to be changing your nutrients and lighting through the different stages

    Bloom, Grow, And Micro (or you may go with just Bloom and Base) will have instructions on how you should be using it for each stage. These are the main nutrients that will be adjusting your NPK, and if you're using clay, soil, hydro, rockwell, or whatever your method, they're each going to call for a different amount. Soil has nutrients in the soil, where as rockwell is basically a void filter that doesn't keep anything. But no matter what, you should be working with these base nutrients.

    The importance when adding nutrients is to check the PH and PPMs to make sure you're not going to strong.

    You may have to create your own chart on excel to be the best organized for your set up. Find out how much water you have to create for your plant(s) and add the nutrients accordingly for the stage.

    I didn't want to look online too much. But make something up for yourself that looks like this chart for the vegetation stage and flowering stage. And instead of how it changes landscapes on the left of the chart. Make that weeks (ex. week 1, week 2) Whatever product you have will tell you the NPK in three numbers like so (1-2-1) and each brand will be different, some are very concentrated. So you will have to figure this out yourself.
    If you want anymore advice on additional nutrients, or figuring this out, let us know.
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    Thanks, that helps a lot! I'd been told the following ratios:
    3:1:2, 6:2:4, 9:3:6, 18:6:12, 30:10:20, 45:15:30 - veg

    1:3:2, 2:6:4, 3:9:6, 6:18:12, 10:30:20, 15:45:30 - flower

    Then someone else told me 16:16:16 for veg and 10:52:10 for flowering.

    So obviously, opinions differed but it seems like it's just a case-by-case basis depending on several factors.
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    Keep it organic and it's not a big deal. Strains very in their needs. There are tricks such as lowering n to ripen a pure sativa.

    Peak n is during stretch. People burn plants more often than Under doing it.

    Claw leaf is too much n, burnt leaf can be too much of any n p or k. Too high of nutes lower thc

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