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Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by Jaz Delorean, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Jaz Delorean

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    [​IMG] NIN - On the comeback trail Nine Inch Nails Extras [​IMG]

    NINE INCH NAILS have unveiled details of their long-awaited new album.

    ‘With Teeth’, originally called ‘Bleedthrough’, is now finished, according to a posting by frontman Trent Reznor on the official Nine Inch Nails website.

    "‘With Teeth' is finished. The band is rehearsing. I can't wait to present this music to you on your stereo and in your town," he wrote. "This is a more lyric-based record than [1999's] 'The Fragile'. The tracks were very thought out and realised and didn't mutate that dramatically through the [mixing] process."

    As previously reported, Foo Fighters helmsman Dave Grohl drums on the album, produced by Reznor.

    The band's classic 1994 album ‘The Downward Spiral’ is to be re-released at the end of the year via Interscope.
  2. Jaz Delorean

    Jaz Delorean Senior Member

    wow i can't wait!! they're playing the astoria! :eek: :D
  3. Jaz Delorean

    Jaz Delorean Senior Member

    haha thats so cool... the bedraggled, sweaty madman?
  4. TheFly

    TheFly Member

    Fucking fantastic... I loved The Fragile... classified as one of my pissed off and depressed albums...


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