Discussion in 'Australia' started by FlyingManDan, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. FlyingManDan

    FlyingManDan Member

    i am considering moving to nimbin, but is there much employment available and is housing affordable?? i have pretty much no money
  2. poz

    poz Member

    Our friend actually built her house.
  3. FlyingManDan

    FlyingManDan Member

    i doubt i could afford land to build a house
  4. Ethel

    Ethel Member

    *warning* I'm not setting myself up as an expert, here, just sharing some thoughts...

    Employment: Nimbin's not a big place, but there is a main street with shops and businesses that would need staff. Each time I've been there, there's been a LOT of people just 'hanging around' not really doing much - that could mean there's more people than jobs to go around, or it could just mean those particular people choose not to work. Nimbin's also pretty isolated - the road is long and windy and largely unsealed - so living there and working in another town would be pretty hard.

    Accomodation: Country areas tend to be way cheaper than the cities - not sure how much is available there, though. I had a look in a real estate agents place once, but all they had weere blocks of land out of town for farming, nothing in Nimbin itself. There's a sort of pub/backpackers place there - they might be able to put you up for a while until you decide if the place is for you?
  5. FlyingManDan

    FlyingManDan Member

    yeah ive heard that there is something like 38% unemployment in nimbin but i dont know if that is because of a lack of jobs or because they dont want to work lol
  6. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Staff Member

    Nimbin is the pioneer of land sharing ie where a group of people buy up an old dairy farm and subdivide it into one acre blocks with some community land left over for widlife and social recreation. Such schemes usually have rules of no cats or dogs. Look in Grass Roots or Earth Garden magazines for adverts of such schemes.
  7. City Wok

    City Wok Member

    Hmmm... It's only half obvious as to what you're going to nimbin for...[​IMG] Stoner!
  8. FlyingManDan

    FlyingManDan Member

    i cant deny thats one of the reasons for going

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