Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Lenulka, May 12, 2004.

  1. Lenulka

    Lenulka Member

    I don´t know why,but sometimes I have really bad dreams.One dream came to me repeatedly-It was about a suitcase full of human´s limbs-hands,legs...It was so scary!I offten have other kind of dream,too.I am naked and everyone looks at me...
    I´d like to know,why I have these nightmares.Don´t you know,what does it mean?
  2. deez nutz

    deez nutz Member

    it is said when people dream about being naked it is a confusion about sexuality. as for the limbs in the suitcase, i think it's your imagiunation, do you drink?
  3. Lenulka

    Lenulka Member

    Wow,that´s funny.A confusion about sexuality?What do you think?About sexual orientation?I am sure,I don´t have problems with my sexual identity:eek:)))And what about drinking?Yeah,I drink...some margaritas,wein,vodka,Jack and Coke...sometimes too much...
  4. malina

    malina Member

    actually i always thought dreams of standing naked and everyone seeing had more to do with feeling vulnerable or insecure about something than actual sexual questioning.. of course i would think that could very possibly have something to do with it too... as far as the other dream... where some dreams seem to have obvious symbols others are much much more vague.. i think this is just a symbol of something scary that your brain has picked up and put together from something you have seen on tv or heard about or read in the news or whatever... a mix of different things put together by your brain basically just to let you know.. hey there is something that you are afraid of right now... ... i do think that you are probably dreaming this because of something that may be nagging at you or even something that you are afraid of and not admitting to yourself.. but i do not think that the legs and arms in a suitcase themselves were anything that you need to be worried about. dreams are so vague. the best person to interpret dreams though is you yourself. you know yourself better than any others. dreams just tell you there is more to you than what you realize.. more fears and worries and anxiety.. and all the other emotions too. anyway, i hope you find what it is that has been eating at you whether obvious or not.. and that you have a better nights sleep.

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