NHS and benerfits!!

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by carsick, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. carsick

    carsick Member

    I rarther not have it personally.Its completely unatural. i know me or my mum etc...could die with out it , but thats just the nature of existance, harsh! i do believe in local doctors,but not a national safetynet of survival. Plus its obviously not working, the idea was fucked from day one.

    Dole and other benerfits
    No one deserves a free life, full fuckin stop. You either bring home your own bread or die, like the way our maker intended .i dont know where this would leave single mums but they managed to survive before child benerfits.Only the strong survive! sad but true.

    were now feeling the side effects to this system , with parasites comin from foreign countries(not that i blame them).

    i wellcome clashing oppinions? but conversation not arguments.
  2. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    How can you say the NHS is not working, there is no such thing as the perfect system. I think people tend to forget that despite its flaws, the NHS provides an excellent level of healthcare to anyone who requires it.
    Are you saying we should pay for secondary healthcare, yet still have access to primary healthcare for free?
    Your argument that it isnt natural seems to have a bit of a flawed premis... what defines natural? Societies flourish by co-operation, the NHS provides a service to society which helps it grow and develop. Since the beggining of man, man has healed others.

    The NHS is essentilly a symbiotic relationship between natural virtues and an institution, the NHS relies on the virtues of those within it (virtues such as kindness and a desire to help) and the institution provides a medium for these natural virtues to be exercised.

    Your comment on no one deserves a free life is fair enough to a certain extent. However what about those who are unable 'to bring home bread'? those with disabilities that prevent them from working. Your reference to 'our maker' implies at some religious belief. In the bible it clearly states that we have a duty to the meak and vulnerable, and we must pay taxes to the ruling authoirty to provide serivces.

    Single mums is a relatively new phenomonon, britain has had a welfare system of sorts for hundreds of years. (Poor tax, church boxes etc) However in years gone by, there were v few instances of single mums, that is due to change in ethics within society.

    Only the strong survive? Im not sure where you get that idea from....

    btw, I'm from Pocklington, just down the road from Sunny Driffield!!

    I await your comments!
  3. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    wow quick reply would be go fuck yerself and learn to spell .
  4. Oz!

    Oz! Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    That's fine.... you don't have to use either of those services :)

    there are a few things we need back from you tho'.... and more sacrifices from you if you wish to avoid hand-outs.....

    You were probably innoculated against various diseases as a child, we'd like to start by reversing that....... and your mom will have recieved Child Benefit up until you were 16.... we'd like that cash back too.

    If you are having children in the future, your spouse/partner will have also been innoculated.... to protect the unborn baby when she is carrying it, that should be reversed too.

    Are you educted? Please only demonstrate skills/qualifications that you personally paid for.

    Roads, footpaths, public parks etc are now off limits of course... and if you could wear dark glasses at night, it should help you feel more comfortable when the street lights are on.

    Rubbish disposal and waste water are now your business to deal with.... i would advise buying some land to use to dispose of it (or better yet, recycle at a private company!), as the local rubbish dump is now off-limits, and build a septic tank as when the sewer pipe to your home is blocked, that backlog is gonna happen sooner than you think.

    999 services will be barred to you of course... buy a good fire extinguisher, hope your doctor has a fast car and you might want to consider hiring a private security firm, as law and order are now your responsibility

    and if you fancy a day at the beach.... we'll find a nice sandy spot full of broken bottles and used condoms for you to spread your blanket on :)

    Please send back all passports/birth/death/marraige certificates asap.... we'll happily throw your medical/school/criminal/electoral role records in the incinerator... and take care when travelling abroad, the british embassy will be closed to you i'm afraid

    Plan for your future!! Private pension plan is a must of course, and book a place in your retirement home early (as you may be unlucky enough to be unable to care for yourself in your dotage)... you won't be needing a buspass when you retire either (as roads are barred from your use)

    Many service companies are private now, but they were built on govt money... if you could have a word with your providers about obtaining your own electricity lines/powerstation, telephone line, water pipes, rail tracks etc ... that would work miracles towards easing your conscience, i'm sure

    Find a good solicitor... the Citizens Advice Beurau, Legal Aid and Prison Wardens are now denied to you.... and if you are ever unlucky enough to go to jail, take a knife, and we'll bill you for your stay after you leave :)

    How's your german? the armed forces no longer have an obligation to you....and i'm afraid you'll never get a licence for a gun (see above re: private secruity)

    Please avoid pretty much anything that involves govt funding.... i could go on and on, but i'm sure you are bored of it by now...

    So yeah, living 100% independantly seems pretty straight forward... good luck with it :)
  5. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I like the way you put it there oz!

    Another thing: NHS PAYS biglouis salary!!! A fantastic reason to keep them!
  6. nice one oz!!!
  7. carsick

    carsick Member

    I will reply, just not yet, im in no frame off mind to put my points forward. jus for the record ,i was quite wrecked when i typed this thread..... thats not me backing off...no....i sed it, so im gonna stick to ma guns. maybe shouldnt have worded it so aggresively or i should have suggested my points instead of shouted them.

    Bigloui, congrats, your the first person on theese forums ive met thats herd of sunny driffield,

  8. bigloui96

    bigloui96 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Carsick, I see you have a ban the bomb sign at your icon.... so maybe you will know what all the ban the bomb signs are that are popping up around the driffield/hull area? Ive driven past a fair few, but not had time to see what they say.
  9. carsick

    carsick Member

    dont have a clue, theres been lots of grafitti recently, not just kids stuff , you herd of flopsy? all off a sudden there was stencils of the word flopsy been sprayed all over driff , dont have a clue what thats about. on the motorway from driff towards york ,theres a sentence been sprayed on one of the bridge type things that goes over the motorway. i always catch the first half of it and not enuff time to read other half, i cant remeber what it sed, jus remember it bein sumert controversial? any ideas wot im on about? probably not but worth a try
  10. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    sorry carsick free speech and all that " those were me initial thoughts .....thought you were related to thatcher bellend ........please continue

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