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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by tiedye0420, Jan 19, 2005.

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    what am i to do right- the never ending upgrade story... dangit jim.
    here goes. the ingredients.
    outback power systems model vfx2812m inverter= [2,800 watt cont.]
    four batteries at 125.00 each
    kholer generator model 10cce [10,000 watt continuous] propane operated
    3,750.00 [approxamately]

    gotta get my ass to work so i can pay fer all this junk,
  2. Bob_Bong

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    very sweet...a good backup is better than no backup.

    with that you can be completely self sufficient :)

    way to Be TD
  3. LuMpYtRiChOmEy

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    -Hey TD! -Unless ya dont think it'l do ya why dont ya keep yer eye out for the sweet li'l 3500 watt Nikotas they got on sale at pep boys alla time? -I havent had to try mine out yet but it starts up fine and runs real good. -Im runnin about 1400 watts now and I think Id be ok if the juice went out. -Ive recently completed some upgrades myself and Im about to be doin another 9oo watt upgrade in the same room and I feel prety good with this generator. -I guess someday I oughtta actually plug it in when I start it up so I can see how it accepts the draw when my pump comes on but even if my lights dim a bit Its cool. Just as long as my roots dont shrivle up. -If ya wanna se some pics lemme know and I'l postem at OG, -I got camera issues here.
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    hey lumpy good to hear from ya
    it is just that i got 40 amp curcuits running my lights, so a 40 amp generator seems fit.
    especially since i plan to put this trailer on a piece of land in the next year or two.
    a 10,000 watt generator would run 10 -1,000 watt lamps.
    since it is made for a bus or motorhome i could get it to fit in a compartment. which would serve as a seedling/cloning table if i did it right -there is a 4' long hatch on the side of the room.
    it would also run all my washers and dryers for the tiedye gig.
    still too cold on the hands to get them wet[frostbite from deadtour-kills] and real busy on the deck,but plan to get tiedying in the spring.
    but im figuring 2000 watts im running now, will allow us to get a backup power system going later. tired of hermies- tired of hermies, and damn if im gonna spend money on seeds when the power goes out like it does around here.[a couple weeks ago it went out three times in a week- twice for over 6 hours-in the same week]
    you should see this redwood deck im building-1350 square feet of madness.
    all corners are curved and it has a curved set of landings reaching around one of the radius's, then steps leading to a bridge over a stream.
    sombody else started and screwed it all up, we spent two months fixing those f54kups and now are ready to get busy putting it all together. it also has these huge posts all through the layout bearing 4x14x15 beams, with roof joist on those.3/4 plywood over the entire deck tying into the house.
    i could fit 6 of my trailers on this friggin deck man. it is huge.

    but yeah, i could do with a lot smaller generator now, but can i build a house from it while growing mass nugs later l.o.l.
    but yeah that kholer is the only one i found that matches my main breaker,a dual pole 40 amp [yeah baby i got 240 to my panel] input.

    oh yeah and i guess this is a success story- i found the hot water heater breaker tripped today. the heater tripped it's own breaker though-instead of taking everything in the house with it like the previous set of breakers would have done.
    i like my new panel- it does the trick just fine.
    im gonna go see if the water is hot yet i need a shower bad. l.o.l.
    later lumpy

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