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    Do you like the wicked shit? And Chose not to ignore it?
    Then this shit is for you.Here’s a NEW Underground band.
    Since they love their family so much their giving out a
    FREE CD today (5-9-07) online to download here’s the site
    it now up and the songs are ready to be downloaded:
    Also Keep Checking back to the site because ya never
    know what we'll put out next!

    Started on Thursday May 10th 2007 We have a battle of the
    bands head on over to where the fan decide
    who wins and vote for oblyvion we currently have 2 song on
    their shell shock which is sitting at # 80 and mdk at # 111 so
    please show your love for manic recordz and vote oblyvion on

    Now It's On! Vol 1

    3.Lethal Love
    6.Living dead girl
    7.Shell Shock
    9.Real or Fake
    10.What Now!
    11.Blazed up
    13.Tell Myself Why

    Now It's On Vol 1 Features,
    Oblyvion (Sadyztyk & Cryptic Big Lover)
    Dymentcha (Sadyztyk & n0x)
    D.S.D. (Sadyztyk & SyriouZ)
    Solos by Sadyztyk Cryptic Big Lover and n0x
    Guest apperances Mista Mean Gene & J-Real

    Several never before heard tracks!
    The new wicked shit has arrived!
    There’s Chat, forums, Q & A, Bios a lot of cool Stuff.
    Make sure you sign the guestbook! at:

    Also Today (5-14-07)
    Crypicbiglover's new solo CD is coming out for download at
    The new CD from Manic Recordz Hard hitting lyricist Cryptic Big Lover
    it their and it's a free download so go check it out what are you
    waiting for it's free!

    The Legacy

    1. Intro
    2. Time keeps changing
    3. The curse
    4. Super thug
    5. good and da bad
    6. No compitition
    7. New beginings
    8. Worlds gone crazy
    9. Startrack 3000
    10. It's not about you
    11. Welcome to the darksyde
    12. Twisted Mindz
    13. Vampire girl
    14. Don't trip
    15. Bleeding soul

    If ya have myspace add for more info:

    Yahoo: xxdarkxxsydexx

    CrypticBigLover=Co Producer/Artiest
    My Space IM: Crypticbiglover

    Yahoo: cereal_killette



    Yahoo: killa_wicked_bitch

    Yahoo: Krazylette4life


    Prize-Limited Edition ep entitled Battle Notez
    How to win...ok its easy the top 75 to post the bulletins to promote
    our new cd Now it's on Vol. 1 along with downloading it themselves
    and providing proof you posted via friends e mailing me to tell me that
    their friend promoted us ect any clever way to show us that you are
    down that the maniaxe have spoken and oblyvion is the new breed
    and let the world hear that we will not go quietly into the night we
    will be heard and believe me maniaxe we speak for ya'll in every
    aspect we live our lives for has begun and the undernation
    armies are strapped and ready to die for us so please repost as
    many time as you possibly can and win a fresh ass ep

    we already have 1 winner
    congrats homie hope you enjoy the cd


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