New Troubles For WikiLeaks Founder Assange

Discussion in 'Latest Hip News Stories' started by ZenKarma, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Wizard in the Castle Administrator

    The US Government is definitely gearing up its offensive against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Recently there has been a smear campaign against Julian Assange that resulted in rape charges against the Australian by two different Swedish women.

    Now the US Government is convinced Assange is about to 'dump' another 400,000 US documents from Iraq onto the Internet via WikiLeaks.

    Assange has recently been trying to acquire Swedish residency to enjoy the freedom of press and speech that country has to offer to journalists. We now hear that Assange has been denied such residency.

    And now the funding issue has become paramount for WikiLeaks very survival:

    This excellent news reporting came from Al Jazeera.
  2. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Yes apparently the Pentagon has been on a disinformation campaign, first claiming that the Afghan Wiki Leaks documents had put lives in danger, when they haven't.

    They got the MSM to report this as fact, and now they are trying to prevent the MSM from publicly correcting this error!

    Shame on the Swedes for shunning Assange, and not being truthful enough to say why. We all know the Pentagon has put pressure on the Swedish gov't.

    Once upon a time Sweden was a sovereign country. Now the US military runs it!
  3. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Has he posted all of his email correspondence online? Or is he just giving us snippets?
  4. Amoureux

    Amoureux Banned

    Has been on a disinformation campaign ???
    That would actually mean that there was a time they told the truth.

    Sweeden has not any choice in the issue.
  5. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    Julian Assange, the Urban Cowboy who bucked the U.S. government.

    That one sentence seems enough to make judgments about who is telling the truth and who is lying. Anybody against the Cowboy is lying and anyone against the government is telling the truth.

    "We don't need no stinking evidence," Cowboys always tell the truth, governments always lie, and, of course, a Cowboy would never rape a woman. The Swedish govt should ignore the charges and let him in, because, of course, he's The Cowboy who bucked the U.S. government, and that one action alone qualifies him for Sainthood.

  6. Montreal-Mark

    Montreal-Mark Membre

    The cowboy never tortured anyone.

    The cowboy never imprisoned anyone without "Due Process" or recourse to a lawyer

    The cowboy never used depleted uranium on anyone.

    The cowboy never dropped an atomic bomb on civilians.

    The cowboy never defrauded anyone for millions of dollars. (He could have easily extorted millions from the american gouvernement.)

    The only thing the cowboy appears to have done is create a website that pisses off the american gouvernement.

    I do NOT know about you..
    But if I had to judge on past behaviour... I would go with the cowboy.

    My advice to americans (and any other nationality)
    If you're not a billionaire (or a well conected millionaire), you do NOT have any rights.
    So shove your sentiments of patriotism up your ass. Because to the elites of this world, we are just meat. And they will put a bullet in your head just as soon as look at you.
  7. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    I think he might just be asking how acurate this story is.
  8. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    And I won't disagree with any of that.

    Do you actually think that proves anything, though; particularly that Mr. Assange is innocent of any wrong doing for acts totally unrelated? Just because the govt. has, does not prove that they did in this case. And all I've seen in this thread are assumptions based on popularity. It could be that he did rape those women and the U.S. government helped the case along.

    Personally, I don't really know; but it is interesting to watch it all unfold, if it ever does.

  9. Montreal-Mark

    Montreal-Mark Membre

    I belive in wikileaks because... I need to.

    Most of the "old hippies" have no clue what we are up against these days. The elites of this day and age have so much power that there is virtually nothing we can do except hold on and hope.

    Our problems go beyond nations and borders.. Beyond languages and religions.

    But as long as 95% of the people just keep shoping until the elites pull the rug out from under all of us... Then all we can do is hope and pray. And after the elites pull that rug out, well we will just start dying until what is left of us will only be a small group of managable slaves.

    A good example of what I'm talking about is Paris Hilton. (And she is a long way from being an "elite" of this world)

    Paris Hilton has a hairdresser that is 24hours at her call in her home. This is a well known fact. A not so known fact is that another woman lives in her home... The woman's job is to "wash Paris Hilton's ass." Sure technically her title is "official bath-er" . But when ever Paris goes to the bathroom, this woman washes her ass for her. And she gets paid less than the hairdresser because she is "un-skilled labour."

    Therefore being able to see where this might go..
    I'm cheering for Julien Assange and wikileaks.
  10. Nyxx


    If Julian ever came to the states and need a place to crash he would be more than welcome to surf on my couch.

    I hope to see Wikileaks back up and running soon.

    Julian Assange is a bad muthafucka....evertime I see a picture of him I hear the theme song from Shaft. :)
  11. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    A real Folk Hero, this one has become.

    Nobody hates what America has become more than I do, but there are no Supermen. If it's going to get fixed, we have to do it ourselves, and at this time, we are a divided nation and the elite have the advantage of money, solidarity, political favors, and the knowledge and resources to keep us fighting among ourselves.

  12. Montreal-Mark

    Montreal-Mark Membre

    And instead of trying to fix it, what 95% of the people are doing is going shopping.

    And it's fucking everywhere. For example, I was in France and the racism is state institutionalized. The police are tasering and pepper spraying the romanians (some as young as 5) before kicking them out of France. (who have legal rights to live and work in France as per EU laws) And despite hundreds of cell phone videos depicting their crimes.. Nothing is being reported about it.
    And why are they doing this to them??? So Sarkozy can get re-elected.

    And are the french doing anything about the romainians ? NON.. They are protesting against raising the age of retirement. Again, they are worried about going shopping.

    Add in technology and a brainwashed police force and military...
    I went to the G20 protest in Toronto. And trust me, today's police officer is Robocop. They don't think for themselfs and the only reason they didn't shoot anyone is because they weren't given permission.
  13. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Guess you've never heard of COINTELPRO. We have, and we know all too well that the gov't is watching everything, the elites run things, and nothing has changed since the 60s, only the technology has enabled ever more intrusion into our lives.

    The gov't hasn't stopped using FEAR as a tool to gain more control and power. It is the last resort of a dying system. We can only hope the system implodes sooner rather than later. We have been waiting a long time...
  14. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    This hits the nail on the head. It can serve as an information filter through which one can process all manner of policy coming from the corporate/government alliance and helps in comprehending the contempt that those who pretend to be our servants regard us. We are a herd to be managed.
  15. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    So Sarkozy can get re-elected....Wouldn't that indicate that kicking the shit out of Romanians is what the majority of French voters want? And despite your opinion, not being a French voter, isn't that what elected officials are supposed to do, respond to the wishes of the voters?

  16. Montreal-Mark

    Montreal-Mark Membre

    The same games and manipulation goes on in french democracy as it does in Canada.

    France has more political parties than you can imagine. But in reality there are only 7 that most focus on. Elections are based on 2 tours. The first tour is when all the canidates run and the top 2 winners go on to the second tour. Traditionally in France that is the Parti Socialiste and the Union pour un mouvement populaire.

    It is during this second round of voting that the "trick" happens.

    Given that the voters of the centralist party (3rd largest) tends to become devided between the left wing Socialist party and the right wing party of the UMP. The focus goes on getting voters from the extremes.

    Now this is easy enough to do with the "Right Wing Voters". Because in France there is really only the UMP and the Front National. And other than how "heavy handed to be" there really is not much difference between their political diachotomies.

    Whereas the "Left Wing Voters" are a very diverse group. You have

    1) The party "National party Anti-capitalist" who don't care about anything other than fighting the system and putting down capitalism.

    2) The Greens party. Who only care about the enviroment

    3) The party Altermondialiste (Anti-globalization) They want a vision of an another world. (Cherche wikipedia on José Bové)

    4) The Lutte Ouvrière party which is commited to the cause of the communist revolution

    5) The French Communist Party (PCF)

    Now it does not take a genious to see that the Party Social is fighting voters in the second tour that have very diverse political agendas. And when their "guy" doesn't go on in the second tour.. It's over for them.

    So the fact is that Sarkozy isn't really enjoying a majority... As much as he is able to get more votes. The party socialist in France pretty much needs to go into the second tour with a strong majority of votes. Because of the way french politics work.. Even if they enjoyed a 5% advantage over the UMP party, they may still loose in the second tour.
  17. Elijah

    Elijah Member

    for all you guys know this could be orchestrated theatrics. wikileaks likes to sell the public phoney bin laden stories. if you aren't gonna put complete stock in the msm? why would you bother doing so with the alternative media? he reeks of being a ringer or a useful idiot. either way, it's just another distraction.

    his website and he are being promoted by the powers that be because they want to promote him. they could have just as easily assasinated him or had him come up missing. ask yourself what the controlled media has to gain by promoting this guy and his website?
  18. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    That doesn't sound a lot different from our primaries and elections.

    Are you suggesting that a scandal centering on Sir Assange would make any changes in France's social problems? From what I see on this side of the TV screen their problems appear to be more social than political. The French seem like Americans, in that, neither want to share the wealth with inferior breeds.

  19. Montreal-Mark

    Montreal-Mark Membre

    At this point in time...
    I'm hoping for a miracle.

    And the France is very much the United States of Europe. It is like 2 side of the same coin.

    An americain will pay lots of money for a really good beer and authetique pizza. (I once saw an american pay 500 dollars with his credit card for pizza from New York)

    The French will pay 200 euros for a kilogram of foie gras.

    And in the two nations you can fill your apartment in 2 days with the stuff people throw out.
  20. JackFlash

    JackFlash Senior Member

    We did see this coming in the 60s and 70s, and we did sound warnings:


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