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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by kp2640, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. kp2640

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    I hope that reviews are welcome here.

    I stopped by a store on the way home today. I have not been to that location for a few years, I had some free time and thought I would see if they had anything interesting. Long story short they did not have anything interesting, but as I browsed the rather limited anal section I saw a "crystal jellies anal starter" and I remembered that there seems to always be interest from people wanting to try anal and looking for ideas/toys. The thought occurred to me that I could write a review!

    So I bought it. I knew that it was smaller in diameter that I would normally choose. It is as realistically shaped as a penis as a cheap toy can be and it is very flexible. There is a head and some "natural vein look" texture to the shaft. It has a cute little suction cup base so you can stick it someplace for hands free. I thought the cup looked a little small to hold really well.

    I got home and decided that I would take the item to review to the shower with me. After showering for a while I applied a little regular K-Y type lube and began the insertion. It inserted really easily and comfortably and actually provided some very pleasant stimulation. I was actually thinking more about an objective review here rather than just getting off so I tried a variety of positions and speeds ranging from really slow and smooth up to a rather aggressive ass working. I tried standing, kneeling and squatting. And found it to be a lot of fun, and the texture can actually make for some really surprising sensations.

    I did two tests of the suction cup. First sticking to the wall of the shower, it really adhered well and allowed a very nice hands free butt fuck, which is nice for either a fantasy or for freeing up the hands for some fondling and stroking (which felt really nice by the way). I then tested it by sticking to the floor which was also very interesting.

    The suction cup provides plenty of grip to hold on to something and also creates as excellent safety flange. I am a stickler for the safety flange because I do not want to be one of those people going to the ER for a foreign object stuck in my ass! That does not rank on my list of "fun things to do on a Saturday night". Also the flange and gentle taper near the base might allow this to be used as a plug. At least it does not shoot out like a bullet if you take a break to change positions. If it does develop a tendency to slip out the base will allow it to be held in place simply by putting on a thong.

    All in all it lives up to it's claim to be a great toy for newbies, and can be fun too for the not so new. It is slim and smooth enough that I don't think it would be uncomfortable for anyone and seems to have enough safety that I think you would need to really try to get yourself into trouble with this one. So if you are are curious and thinking about exploring anal play either alone or with your partner you might want to take a look at this one. As always be responsible and read the care and use instruction on the package and practice safe sex. This is just my opinion - I am not responsible for your fuck ups.

    Now that the review is written I think I will probably lube this thing up again when I go to bed in a little while. You know, just to test it out a little more! I think this little fucker might actually make me cum. You may use this review in any way you like.
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    I agree, that is a fun one, even though I am well versed in anal it still gives a very pleasurable experience. I use it a lot with other girls who have little or no experience playing in the back yard too, with good results. A good addition to any collection. :)
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    Any anal / vaginal toys that allow for hands free use are ideal as you can push yourself against them instead of pushing them in yourself. Makes it feel like they are having sex with you instead.
  4. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I like your idea of reviewing sex toys - look forward to a few more too !

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